Wednesday, October 6, 2021

2 year anniversary-Superhero

“Sometimes real super-heros live in the hearts of small children fighting big battles”

Two years ago this month, our Baylor underwent a life changing spinal surgery in St. Louis to help combat his cerebral palsy.  Baylor’s spine was opened, bone cut and removed, then nerves were severed in order to help the tightness in his legs be less, in order for him to walk better. Baylor had to remain still for 3 days after surgery and then we began the painstaking physical therapy rehabilitation.  Baylor’s surgery was a huge success and if you saw him today you would be amazed at his progress and capabilities.  He is by far the bravest, strongest little boy I know and he never complains about having to work twice as hard as others just to do the basic things we all take for granted. 

Baylor seems pretty typical to most, but what you don’t see is the hours he puts into therapies each week, the torturous night splints and knee immobilizer he has to wear to sleep each night, the endless stretching that must be done to keep his muscles loose, the leg casting and refitting of braces every few months, the putting on of his AFO’s each day that constantly cause blisters and bruising on his feet, the constant struggle of having to always be aware of his surroundings in order to prevent falls, and the fatigue that sometimes seems overwhelming. As a momma, it breaks my heart to have to watch him struggle and work so hard each day, but let me tell you…Baylor wouldn’t want you to feel sorry for him or pity him. Baylor would tell you that he is a fighter and he won’t give up.  Baylor would want you to know that his obstacles only make him stronger and one day God is going to use his testimony to change lives. 

Baylor shouldn’t be doing as amazing as he is, but only by God’s grace and power is Baylor where he is today.  If you saw his MRI that was done at 18 months old and heard the doctors say how much brain damage there was…you’d never believe it was the same child walking, running and playing today. Baylor has changed our perspective and outlook on life.  He challenges us daily to be diligent and keep fighting instead of giving up or accepting defeat. 

Baylor’s diagnosis has opened our eyes and hearts to a whole new world of families with disabilities.  It’s incredible how many families face daily challenges with their special needs’ children, but sometimes you never really know the heartache and pain that goes on because it’s not always visible or openly discussed.  My heart goes out to every incredible mama of these remarkable children…know I’m praying for you and never forget what a warrior you are. Not everyone sees the behind the scene struggles, but know you aren’t alone in this fight for our children.   On this anniversary of Baylor’s surgery, we are holding him extra tight and thanking God for his incredible life.  Baylor has changed us all for the better and we are so thankful we get to have a front row seat to his victory in life. 



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