Monday, September 13, 2021

My bookends' bond

Having 4 children is not easy and a lot of the time my kiddos fight and much so that I have tend to want to pull my hair out!  However, the love between my two bookends, Aubrey and Landry, is without a doubt the strongest bond I've ever seen.  These two are absolutely adorable.  

My precious Aubrey Lane is so in love with Landry that I have to sometimes fight her to get to hold him.  I've had to hold her back from going to get him at times when he makes the slightest whimper in his bed. She truly is like a second mama to him. Landry is so comfortable with her and at times she is the only one who can settle him down. It is just the most heartwarming thing ever.  I am so thankful for their bond, not to mention the extra set of hands she provides. I will say the downfall is when she is at school, Landry expects to be held all day and I get nothing done!! 

This picture cracks me up...she is doing her homework with him and he is just chilling!

I find tons of selfies on my phone with these two! 

She loves wearing him and he is absolutely content in her arms. 

I tell everyone, if you have a surprise 4th baby, you need to make sure you have a 9 year old girl as well!  It's easy peasy when these two are together! I'm so thankful for their bond and I hope and pray that it only gets stronger throughout the years.  

Watching these two together makes my mama heart melt!