Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Summer and Diet Coke

I am such a slacker when it comes to blogging.  I really think about blogging often, but I never really make the time to sit and write out what I am thinking.  I plan to do better. 

Summer was fabulous and exhausting at the same time.  We filled our days with fun and sun but I can honestly say we were ready for school to start!

We are officially back to school and I am loving it.  I absolutely adore being with my children all summer long, but they really do thrive and do better with a schedule and consistent routine.  I am able to get so much accomplished and done while they are at school...it is very liberating!  My Aubrey Lane started 2nd grade this year and my sweet Weston started K5.  Baylor Boo started a part time pre-school at our local public school and he is thriving!  All three are loving their teachers, friends and school!  I am so pleased that they are settling in and starting to get the hang of the school routine. 

Morning have gone surprisingly smooth.  The life saver for me has been getting up before the kids.  While this is very hard for me, it saves me from having a chaotic morning.  I usually set my alarm for around 6:30 and get some coffee and do my devotional.  Aubrey and Weston are up by 6:45 and both are very needy morning people.  Lots of snuggles and encouragement are needed for both of them.  Weston in particular. We are usually ready to go by 7:40 and dropped off by 8.  I am trying to incorporate some sort of physical activity for myself in the mornings after drop off and I am enjoying that as well.  Usually Baylor and I take a walk or I will run if Christian is home. 

Another huge thing that happened over the summer was I officially got off all Diet Cokes.  This is nothing short of a miracle.  I have drunken a LARGE Diet Coke every single day at lunch for years.  YEARS I tell you.  Our pastor preached a message on strongholds and something really struck a nerve with me and my soda addiction.  I knew it wasn't a sin or anything, I just realized that it wasn't good for my body or mind and I wasn't sure I could let go of it.  It was a real addiction for me.  I had tried weaning down in the past, but it never worked so I knew I had to go cold turkey.  I went for it back in May and haven't looked back since I said goodbye!  I feel a thousand times better and while it was tough at first, I honestly don't really ever crave them now.  I had one a few weeks after quitting and it just wasn't that tasty anymore.  I am so shocked and proud of myself for knocking the habit.  It was a huge step for me. 

Summer for us was a blast, jam packed with tons of swimming, movies, parks, beach time, vacations, library visits and much more.  I cherish every summer with my little guys cause I know soon they won't want to spend their summers with me!  So long summer...it was great!

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