Saturday, March 10, 2018

March Madness

How the heck is it March already?  And I have yet to blog one single time...I'm a terrible slacker!  Things have been so busy...which is the usual around here.  So many times I am out before my head hits the pillow at night. We just go go go all day...everyday!

We started January off with New Years Eve with Aubrey Lane.  This was the first time we let her get up at midnight and watch the fireworks and she was just elated!  She was so excited it was just her and she popped out of bed right when we got her up...she was ready to go!

We also celebrated Weston's 4th birthday and let me tell you...this little 4 year old is amazing.  I don't get to gush about my little guy as often as I should, but this boy is pure delight.  I may or may not have an extra special bond with him that Christian says is borderline unhealthy!  HAHA!  He is such a mama's boy.  He kisses me, tells me I'm beautiful, and wants to go where ever I go.  If for some reason we aren't together, he insists on calling me to talk or facetime!  We've recently had his little butt as a bed guest at night and while I love snuggling with him, C is determined to get him back in his own bed! Around 2:00 every night he crawls in my bed and tucks those little feet under my back...pure sweetness right there.  Weston is the smartest guy I know (just like his daddy) and will blow you away with his vocabulary and intellect.  I have no doubt that Weston could be president in 30 years.  Mark my words.  Weston loves PJ Masks, Legos, Ninja Turtles and anything on television.  He adores playing with his big sis but can play by himself for hours on end. He isn't a big eater, but he does love fruit snacks more than anything.  We love your sweetness Weston make everyday a lot brighter!  

Mr. Baylor Jace is busy each week with Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy.  His sweet little smile makes all the craziness worth it though.  Bay Bay is doing great and making strides.  We continue to pray over him and are believing great things for him.  

We decided to do a camping weekend and boy oh boy did we make some memories!!!  We went to Percy Quinn State Park, somewhere I loved as a child, but unfortunately it wasn't quite as magical this time.  We get an A for effort but I don't know if I will want to camp again any time soon.  I am much more a beach/resort kinda girl!  

It was beautiful outside, but it was really cold and my sweet Weston was sick.  It just wasn't good conditions for being outside.  

We did have some fun moments in between the craziness. 

Biking was a big fail.  Weston couldn't manage the big hills, Aubrey fell off her bike just minutes after the trail started and Baylor was not a fan of the hills in his carrier.  

Our cabin was absolutely straight up nasty.  We would have been better staying in a tent but it was just so cold.  Oh and did I mention there was a mouse in our room?  Yeah, I so wanted to sleep in the car but Christian made me tough it out.  I have never been so ready for morning and leaving a vacation.  Christian said this was the first time he had ever wanted to leave a vacation early!

We had the greatest opportunity to meet up with another family who has a little girl with Cerebral Palsy.  These two angels hit it off immediately...there is just a supernatural sweetness about these kiddos with special needs.   Not to mention getting to pour out my heart to someone who completely understands and can relate.  It is a relationship that I can't wait to nurture and strengthen.  I truly feel like God put this family in our path and I believe we will be lifelong friends.  

My little man started soccer and it is so much fun!!  I am new to the soccer world but I am loving it.  Weston likes it a whole lot better than t-ball and I love getting to see him work hard and meet new friends. 

A little LSU gymnastics one Sunday afternoon was a blast! 

Special Donut breakfast with my big guys!  

What a great few months.  Always busy... but always a blast!  

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