Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas Craziness!

December has flown by because it is packed and I mean packed with so many wonderful activities and events.  I feel like we jam a whole year worth of fun into just one month.  In the end, it's always worth the craziness because there is no better way to end the year than to just be with the ones you love.  I have absolutely loved spending so much time with friends and has been such a great Christmas season for us.

My mom and I had the privilege of working with Aubrey's school on their Christmas program.  My mom did the big kids (1-5) and I did the little ones (K4 and K5).  It was an absolute brought so much joy to my heart to get to spend time with these little guys and it scratched my itch of wanting to teach again!  Plus I got to do it with my mom, so that was an extra fun memory for us.

We live in Louisiana so usually we are wearing flip flops and shorts in December, but this year we had an extra special treat!  SNOW!!!  Not just a little flurry or a flake here and there...but I'm talking like up to your shins in snow!  Snow that lasted overnight!  I'm not sure who was more excited...the kids or Christian!  It was a full day or changing wet clothes and going back out in the yard for more fun.  The kids were exhausted at the end of the day, but I was so thankful they got to experience that with their daddy home! 

Speaking of daddy being home...

Christian GRADUATED from Nurse Practitioner School.  That boy is done...put a fork in him! No more school for him.  We are so incredibly excited to get to begin this new journey and actually have our lives back.  We couldn't have made it without our parents...I literally have spent every weekend with my mom and dad and I just couldn't have survived without them!  Although I will greatly miss every weekend with MeMe and Papa D!  We are so proud of you Christian!  Thank you for all your hard work you did in order to better our sweet family.

We always do a fun family day with my side of the family instead of exchanging gifts.  This year we went to New Orleans and ate at a fancy restaurant and then spent the day in City Park.  We took a 16 passenger van down there and I think that was the most exciting part for my kids!  

There were more class parties...dates to see Santa...bake days...and even a little getaway for Christian and I to many wonderful memories.

Christmas morning was chaotic and crazy.  The whirlwind of presents lasts about 15 minutes with the kids and then there looks like a hurricane hit.  My sweet Aubrey was so excited, she was up at 4:00 in the morning.  I just love her passion and enthusiasm for life...she is just the most fun!  Poor Weston got an ear infection on Christmas Eve, so we spent our evening at Lake After Hours...shots on Christmas Eve was not exactly fun for my sweet boy.  

We spent most of Christmas day putting up a trampoline for the kids!  They have spent so much time out there jumping...even C and I have had a blast getting to jump with the kids. 

Christmas Night we finished it off at Nana and Papa's...gumbo and potato salad and lots of presents.  What a glorious way to end the Christmas season.

We are so incredibly blessed with the best family around.  I cherish these memories and never once take it for granted that we have so much love and laughter surrounded us.  I'm so thankful we serve a Savior who loves lavishing us with gifts in this lifetime and offering eternal bliss with Him and the one's we love in Heaven.  We hate to see this year's been a good filled with lots of great memories, lots of hard times as well, but one that has been overwhelmingly packed with moments of love, laughter and fun.  

I'll leave you with my most favorite picture from Christmas.  
My sweet angel...he's one of my most precious gifts...

Merry Christmas from our Family to Yours!

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