Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Bay Bay 14 months-making progress

My angel boy is 14 months old and he is doing so great!  We are beyond thrilled with his progress and's like things have just clicked for him and he is thriving. So much has happened in the last few months with him and I finally feel like we are getting some answers and making some headway.  

Baylor has had terrible reflux since birth, so much that it has truly hindered his development and growth.  We have seen specialists, been on medication, altered his diet, but nothing was working.  At his 13 month appointment with the GI doctor, we finally decided that something more was necessary. The doctor recommended a scope to see what exactly was going on.  We were told either he had a hernia or some type of food allergy.  We went ahead and scheduled his procedure as quickly as possible becuase we knew Baylor needed to start gaining weight and growing. My little guy was such a trooper and didn't even fuss one bit.  Momma on the other hand was a nervous wreck!  They put him to sleep to do the scope and we waited anxiously while they determined what was going on.  

The doctor came out and told us all had gone well, and that Baylor had something called Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE) which is a chronic, allergic inflammatory disease of the esophagus (the tube connecting the mouth to the stomach). It occurs when a type of white blood cell, the eosinophil, accumulates in the esophagus and attacks when certain foods are present. This was very overwhelming to us and we were full of mixed emotions...disappointed that this was not going to be an easy fix, but rather a life-long battle, but we were also relieved to finally have some answers. 
We met with an allergist and are coming up with a game plan in order to get Baylor on the right track.  It will be a long process of eliminating certain foods, more scopes and lots of speech and feeding therapy, but at least we have a starting point.  He will need at least three scopes a year for the next few years just to make sure he is responding to the medicine and diet.  

We've started by eliminating milk and we can already see progress and results.  Baylor's vomiting has greatly slacked off and we are noticing a huge difference in how he feels.  The doctor said EOE is extremely painful, but it is all he has ever really known.  Baylor is such a trooper...he has never once let on that he was uncomfortable or in pain...he's always been so happy!  His physical therapist is so excited that now that we are getting his vomiting and pain under control, he is starting to move so much more!  Baylor is crawling like a champ and just this weekend he has started to stand up!  What a miracle!  I have no doubt that by his second birthday he will be walking.  

Baylor is just the most amazing little guy ever, I cannot even begin to express how proud we are of him. He has been fighting since the womb and he continues to amaze us with his fierce determination.  I firmly believe that God has something incredible in store for Baylor's future. I am just so blessed that I get to be his mama!  He is a true miracle.  Keep on working hard Bay Bay...the sky is the limit!