Sunday, June 25, 2017

Baylor Jace

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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Feels like Summer!

Well the school year has wrapped up and we are in full summer mode. It is one of my most favorite times of the year!  My little Aubrey graduated from Pre-K4 and is headed to the big leagues...kindergarten!  I can't believe she is old enough to be in real school!!  I am thrilled for her though because she will absolutely love and thrive at her school.  My big boy Weston finished Toddler 3 and he was so excited to see it end.  He was not a fan of school and towards the end, it was a daily fight...he just wanted to stay home with his mama everyday!

Last day of school!  Sassy girl!

Big smile cause it's the last day of school!

Silly faces!

Poor Baylor...I didn't realize it til a day or two later, but he had an ear infection.  I guess I should have known based on this picture. I'm a terrible mama!!

My sweet kids, ready for SUMMER!!!

Nothing makes me happier than warm weather and summer rays!  I just love summer time...I grew up spending my summer in the pool.  I have loved the sun and water since as early as I can remember. My little guys take after their mama and are little fish. I have a hard time getting them out of the water. Much to my delight, Aubrey decided she wanted to do swim team this year!  I have been proclaiming the greatness that is swim team since she was little bitty, so when she hit the age limit, I signed her up!  She has only been doing it for two weeks but she has done incredible!  She shows absolutely no fear at all and she just loves it.  Her endurance and determination are endless and I couldn't be more proud of her.  

Our summer hasn't all been fun and games.  We had an incredibly close call last week, and I have barely come to terms with just how horrible things could have been.  We were eating diner out on the patio, I had Aubrey on one side of me, Weston on another side of me, and I was in the middle holding Baylor.  We had been out on the patio most of the evening, hanging out, eating and playing. I just happened to glance down and noticed under our umbrella holder, something odd... just mere inches from our feet.  I stared at it for a moment thinking to myself, "that kinda looks like a snake" before seeing his eyes pop up and him begin to hiss at me.  

For a brief moment, my heart stopped. I immediately began to scream hysterically and we raced to the back door.  It is only by the grace of God that the snake did not bite one of us.  I know without a doubt we were making a ton of noise and commotion and I just don't know how it didn't feel threatened. I firmly believe God sealed that snake's mouth shut and put his angels around my babies. Looking back, I don't know how I didn't pass out or drop Baylor.  I don't really recall how we all managed to get away from the table, but I do know it was a miracle.  Turns out it was a cottonmouth and indeed a very dangerous bite could have killed my little guys or seriously injured me or Christian.  

You can see just how close our chairs were to this snake. (Disclaimer: all pictures were taken by Christian after it was shot multiple times.)

It really shook us all up.  We were all deeply disturbed for days after it happened.  Even my Bre had a hard time sleeping for about a week after the event.  It was such a scary moment for us, but it did bring along some good lessons for us to remember. I have let my guard down with being out in the yard and not really paying attention to ditches or high grass.  I've realized that I have to be very attentive and alert at all times when out in our yard or even at parks. It also gave me a good chance to talk with Aubrey about satan. I know she is young, but evil is a very real thing and I want her to have a healthy fear of the devil and the harm that he longs to do in our lives. I didn't really get into it with her but I do hope to save these pictures, and remind her of this event when she and Weston are a little older.  The devil is near at all times and always ready to pounce when given the opportunity. I want my children to know that even though evil exists in this world, we serve a much, much greater God.  I'm so thankful my children will know God is infinitely more powerful and capable than the devil and evil will not win or prevail.  What a powerful illustration for them to be able to look back on. 

Well I just can't end on that heavy of a I must include some pictures of this little cutie.  He loves the water as much as his siblings.  

Such focus! 

 My sweet lil man!