Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Beach Trip 2017

We took our annual Moots beach trip last week and it was such a relaxing week...well as relaxing as can be with three kids on the beach.  We went to Orange Beach for 4 days and it was just is always my favorite week of the year.

The kids did great at the beach this year...much better than last year.  They actually played and enjoyed the sand and the waves.

Our sweet Bay Bay loved the beach as well...he took multiple 2-3 hour naps and loved his little pool.

Christian loves to take the kids crabbing at night and they absolutely love it.  Last year it was a total bomb because it was too cold for the crabs but this year it was a success!  Look at those huge crabs!!

The week was full of swimming, snacking, sleeping and lots of snuggles with these cuties! 

What a great week!  These are the best days of our lives!