Friday, April 21, 2017

Easter/Spring Break 2017

How on earth is it almost May?  Where the heck has this year gone?  I mean seriously...we are almost in summer!  I just wish time would slow down a little...I am desperately trying to grasp at these fleeting moments and savor each memory of my little cuties. 

We started off our spring break with the kids' Easter parties.  At their school, they have parties at one of their classmate's homes. Since I couldn't do both Aubrey and Weston's party at the same time, we all agreed to go to Aubrey's party...Weston doesn't really want to hangout with anyone but Aubrey anyway so he was fine tagging along with her friends. They did an egg hunt, art projects, zip line and lots of swinging.  They had a blast. Aubrey sure will miss these sweet friends next year.  

We went to an egg hunt at our church and the kids had an absolute blast. There were jumpy's, an egg hunt, games and lots of food.  My kids were a sweaty mess when we left and they took some amazing naps that day.  So I would call it a success!  

Weston was spiderman and he cried that night at bathtime because he did not want to take the paint off.  He looked so cute! 

Cool dudes

Weston has started T-ball with some of his cousins and friends and it is a hoot.  He really does not like it at all, and constantly asks if it is over yet. He doesn't like any part of the practice other than the snacks at the end. He does love his coach though and talks about him constantly.  I have to laugh because he will stand on the field and blow me kisses or run off the field and bring me flowers!  He is such a mama's boy...nothing but pure sweetness. 

Speaking of pure sweetness...this little dude is always smiling.  He is such a happy baby and I could just eat him up.  He is by far the easiest baby ever and I am just in love beyond words.  Baylor is so easy going, I am tempted to have just one more!  

Baylor is making such progress, he has started physical and occupational therapy and he just loves to show off his skills to his therapists.  He is doing fantastic and starting to make great strides. We are so excited he is starting to sit up better and he has started attempting his own version of crawling.  He still doesn't roll over but we are just thrilled he is moving! 

My blue eyed angel.  I just cannot get enough of his sweetness. 

We celebrated Easter Sunday with my family...we went to church and then we did fried catfish and fries and my oh my was it delish.  The kids played outside and it was just a fantastic day celebrating our Lord's Resurrection. I am so thrilled that the holidays spent without Christian is dwindling down and next year we will have him with us on these special days!!!  

I love my little family and I am so thankful God chose to give them to me.  Each special occasion is so much more fun because of them and their innocence.  They are just pure fun and delight (most of the time). 

We celebrated with Christian's family on Monday with a BBQ and fun splash activities for the kids.  It was a blast as well.  

We finished out our Spring break with a trip to Tunica Hills with Christian and Uncle D!!! It was a day packed with some intense hiking.  I am very sore today and slightly embarrassed to say I even had to take a nap with the kids because I was so exhausted.  It was some hard core hiking and climbing and I was so impressed my kids were able to keep up. They were such troopers.  They did both start crying at the end and saying they couldn't make it...but they hung in there and conquered those hills!  It was a great ending to our spring break.    

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