Sunday, April 2, 2017

A rare gem

When it comes to love and marriage, I have so much to learn.  Christian and I are just babies on this journey of marriage and we are just beginning our journey together.  My parents are celebrating 40 years of marriage this week and I am just amazed at their love and commitment towards each other. They continue to set the example of what a Godly marriage looks like.   My parents are such a rare gem.  When God gave me my parents, He picked the cream of the crop.  The filet minion of steaks, the penthouse suite, the BMW of cars, the finest cut diamond, the first class on an airplane, the list could go on and on...but truly the best of the best.  You can search high and low, but you will not find two more genuine hearts on the planet.  Not only are they as caring and compassionate as they come, but they love me and my family with a fierce passion.  My parents are one of the greatest gifts I have been given.  I sometimes looks around at my husband, children, parents, parents-in-love, siblings, and friends and just could people are just amazing. I need to say it people are just amazing.  There isn't a bad one in the bunch...each and everyone is just wonderful and unique in their own ways.  I am so blessed. 

Growing up, I had it made.  I had two hard working parents, two parents who devoted their lives to me and my brother, who were kind, gentle, patient and supportive of me.  Brandon and I never went without.  We never grew up with fighting, arguing or tension in the air. I can remember just a handful of times where my parents would get into disagreements but even those would be resolved in a healthy manner. We grew up in an environment where there was respect, honesty and lots of love and laughter. Sure there were very difficult times, as a family we walked through many rough waters and had our share of extremely low valleys. There were times when we were held together as a family but by a mere string, but never once did I question whether or not we would break.  I always had the comfort of knowing our family was built on a solid foundation. 

We had the honor of celebrating their marriage with a party last week and it was such a beautiful night of sharing, laughing and reflecting on what is really important in life. When I look at my parents today, I see nothing but happiness...pure joy radiates from both of them.  Their lives are not without stress, trials or pain, but they are such rocks of strength and pillars of hope no matter what.   And can we just discuss their social calendar for a moment?  Umm it is packed and more vibrant than a 21 year old!  They are just living life to the fullest.  I am so proud of who they are and what they together as a team represent.  They represent years of hard work.  They represent years of prayer, devotion and growth in the Lord.  They represent a marriage that produced two healthy and thriving children and six amazingly fun grandchildren.  They represent time and devotion given to others, tons of hours and money given to those in need. They represent a union of love and respect that could withstand decades of change and adversity.  They represent a relationship that glorifies God through their integrity.  They represent an undeniably strong love for their much so that it is often first on their minds. They represent the willingness to help in any situation, even if it means putting their needs last.  They represent a couple that has touched so many lives...both near and far...they are loved by so many.

I am so proud to call them mine...they have set the bar high for me and Christian.  I know if we yield half the return my parents have...we will consider ours a huge success. We have such amazing parents and in laws, both, who have demonstrated exactly what a thriving marriage should look like.  I am so thankful for their dedication to each other and to family.  Because of them, my children have a firm foundation and a lasting legacy.  My kids have such a bright future because of the ones that have gone before them and paved the way.  They have set that standard of what commitment should look like, what love should represent and how to stand firm in an ever changing world that loves to devalue the importance of marriage.  Thank you mom and dad for giving that gift to me, but also to my children.  Thank you for loving each other and in that love being a blessing to so many.  As we celebrate this milestone, I can't help but smile and think about the next 40 years...I know in my heart that ya'll's love will continue to grow and become even sweeter with time.

I read this paragraph on a blog and I just loved the words, "There is no ONE secret key to a lasting marriage.  It's not possible to avoid the change that will materialize over the years.  Marriage is a tide of easy waves, followed by crashing waves. It is a constant ebb and flow of happiness, hardships, challenges, adventures, excitement, tears and every emotion in between. There are no promises it will be easy, but nothing worth it in life is."

40 years is a rarity these days, a milestone that is to be celebrated and treasured!  I love you so much mom and both are a rare gem and I am so glad you are mine!  

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