Sunday, March 5, 2017

February in a nut shell

February was a very busy month for us, packed with normal day to day activities, but also two holidays thrown in there...enough to wear this mama out.  

Valentine's Day this year was just plain terrible.  It was definitely not one of our best nor will it go down in history as anything other than a total flop.  Just being real isn't always sunshine and roses.  Never do I want to paint a false picture of our family.  I want to remember the good, but also acknowledge the bad...because in the bad we learn lessons that motivate us and move us towards being better. Plus it is real...I love to read things from other mama's or families that acknowledge that life is isn't always pretty...just knowing that other people experience ups and downs, gives such hope and inspiration to others who are walking similar roads. 

This Valentine's Day started off rocky the evening before the actual big day.  C and I got into an argument about cookies (of all things to argue about)...and it basically set us up for both being angry and frustrated with each other on Valentine's Day.  We both hardly spoke to each other and neither really felt much like expressing our love. Usually I get a long, handwritten card from Christian (he is such an amazing writer) but this year my card just said "Happy Valentine's Day, Love Christian." HAHA! Apparently writing a love note to me was the last thing he wanted to do!  But you know the end of the day, we had talked it out, both said our pieces and come to a resolution.  That is what we do...we may argue and disagree but in the end we figure it out and make amends. We love each other like crazy, we are the absolute best of friends, and not a day goes by that we don't acknowledge that we are soul mates...but we still have our off days.  The day was still ruined so we didn't really attempt anything romantic...we took the kiddos to eat at Walk-On's and enjoyed a family dinner. Christian and I both realize that we are in a tough spot in our lives right now...our marriage is really last on the list at the moment, and though it shouldn't many other things are taking, jobs, school, the list could go on and on.  However, we both know our marriage is built on a solid rock and we will weather any season of life.  We both laughed at the end of the day about the messiness that is our lives right now, but we will blink and our kids will be out of the toddler stages, more independent and the romantic dinners and getaways will become more of a reality for us. So this Valentine's Day will go down as one of my least favorites...but I have no doubt that C and I will make next year's much better. 
 We did manage to make Valentine's cup cakes!

All my Valentine Lovies

Mardi Gras isn't a holiday that we really acknowledge or usually participate in but the preschool the kids go to does a huge parade and the kids get so pumped up and excited about it.  I was a sweaty mess by the end of the parade, exhausted from trying to run from kid to kid while carrying Baylor and dodging flying beads being hurled from crazy toddlers!  Whew...another not so great holiday for the books but one I don't want to forget. I love this crazy mommy life...I wouldn't trade it for the world.

This month we also have begun the process of having our sweet Bay Bay enrolled in some much needed therapy.  Our little guy had such a rough start at birth that we are seeing some slight delays in his milestones. We are beyond thankful to have an amazing support staff that will begin working with him on important things like rolling over, sitting up, babbling, eating properly and much more.  Baylor continues to amaze us with his perseverance and fight...he is a true miracle.  I've had to repeat his birth story numerous times this month to various healthcare professionals, and each time I am blown away by the severity of his time in utero and first few weeks of life.  As the months pass by, you forget the details, but having to discuss and relive everything just brings tears to my eyes. Baylor was and is a fighter...he is a "tough nut" as my daddy calls him.  He may have to do a little more to catch up...but catch up he will do...and I have no doubt he will surpass any expectation I have for him.  His smile and laugh brings me such incredible joy...he is just pure perfection...a mama's boy for sure. Prayers that we will continue to know what is best for Baylor and how to best get him the help he needs to flourish. 

That about wraps up our February...we started March out with a bang and took a spontaneous family trip to New Orleans...more on that to come.

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