Saturday, February 4, 2017

A day in the life of...

One of my favorite things to blog about is extra special occasions and events that happen in our lives. But if I am most favorite thing to look back on and read about is just our normal, everyday lives. 99.9% of our days are filled with mundane, repetitious activities and to most would seem pretty boring...but these are some of the most fun days of my life. Having three small children is what I dreamed about growing up, and I am getting to live out my dream on a daily basis with the most fun kids around. Don't get me wrong, I get tired, I get frustrated, I get overwhelmed, but for the most part, these babies bring me unspeakable joy and laughter. Doing daily life with them is a hoot.  Disclaimer: I do have a husband.  A wonderful one at that...but he is in his last year of clinicals for Nurse Practitioner school so we see VERY little of him right now. It sucks and is very hard, but we are taking it day by day and I can survive knowing the end is in sight!

This particular day was a Wednesday. My morning starts around 4:00 with Mr. Baylor Jace needing to be fed.  I usually nurse him and then get back in bed for a few more hours of sleep. Both Aubrey and Weston are usually up by 7:00 and I roll out of bed around 7:30. Being up numerous times in the night with Baylor leaves me very tired in the mornings. Christian gets the kids breakfast and then leaves around 7:30. I manage to get myself breakfast and a shower, before getting the kids dressed and ready to go. Wednesdays are my main work days and very busy for me. Now that Christian is gone 7 days a week, Wednesdays are my most stressful days because I'm trying to juggle three kids and a job. On Monday of this week, Weston was sent home from school with a fever and vomiting. Thankfully he made a very quick recovery, but I kept him home for a few days to recoup and recover. So usually, he would go with my mom on Wednesdays to bible study but on this particular Wednesday, he was a tiny bit clingy and wanted to stay with mommy.

My mom comes by around 8:15 and takes Aubrey to school.  I try to clean up bottles, unload the dishwasher and tidy up the kitchen. I give Baylor a bottle around 8:30 and then go pump.I let the boys play a little while I finish getting dressed.  Baylor usually is ready for nap around 9:30 and is an excellent napper. He will nap for about two hours in the morning and afternoon.

I put him down and then get a few toys out to entertain Weston. When his sister is at school, he loves to play with her things. He plays for a little while and I try and get some work accomplished. That last about 30 minutes and then Weston tells me he wants to take a bath. Weston absolutely LOVES bath time. He will sometimes take 3-4 baths a day. He loves to play in the tub...he can play for upwards of an hour at a time. Today is no exception...he takes a bath in my bathroom, while I work for about an hour. He is a hoot...he makes me laugh.

Around 11:30, I wrap up my morning work and get Baylor up.  We make lunch and I head out to get a diet coke. Diet cokes are my lifeline and I do not go a day without one. It's my most favorite time of the day.  On this day, we run through Sonic and I get Weston some french fries and myself a drink. We head back home and finish eating and I feed Baylor.  I put a movie on for Weston and I go pump. Around 12;45, I put Weston down for a nap.  Weston is a great napper as well, and doesn't fight me at all. I let Baylor play in his jumpy and have some sit up time while I try and do some more work. Around 2:00 I put Baylor down for a nap. Usually we have to go get Aubrey from school at 3:00, but on this particular day, Aubrey's teacher called and said she was complaining of a headache, so my mom (have I mentioned that my mom is my lifesaver...we could not survive without her) grabs Aubrey from school. Aubrey gets home and rests for a little while until both boys wake up.

I hate 3:00-5:00 because it is just the hardest time of the day. I'm trying to finish work, unpack backpacks, make lunches for the next day, make dinner, feed Baylor all while keeping the two big kids occupied. On this particular day, I am brave and decide an art project will pass the time away. We break out the paints and have fun out on the patio.  The fun last about 15 minutes until Weston takes his pants off (I have no idea why) and proceeds to paint himself. We wrap up the art fun and head inside for dinner. Dinner is hot dogs and chili and the kids eat it up with no complaint.

After dinner, we do baths and clean up. Christian gets home around 6:00 and I slip out and run to Oak Point for milk and a drive by myself. Once I am back home, we do a quick movie before nightly devotionals and bedtime for 7:30.  Once the kids are down, I take a quick bath, finish more work, talk with Christian and snuggle with Baylor. I usually pump again around 8:30 and then hit the bed. Christian feeds Baylor and lays him down, usually Bay Bay is up about 2 times a night to nurse but overall he is a great sleeper.

The days are crazy, crazy busy.  The days are loud and sometimes deafening.  The days sometimes seem long and never-ending...but these are the best days of my life. I get to spend my days with my loves doing what I dreamed of doing since I was a child.  May I always remember the sweetness that these simple days offer to me.  Laughter, play, hugs, kisses, and fun...these are what my days consist of.

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