Thursday, September 15, 2016

First Day of School

For some reason, I have struggled greatly with the decision of where to put the kiddos for school. I always seem to question myself and go back and forth on what is best. This year was no different and I literally spent months agonizing over the decision.  We ultimately decided that sending Aubrey to Victory Academy (a Christian private school) for K-4 was the best decision. We decided that Weston would go to Broardmoor Preschool (where Aubrey has gone for the past 3 years). We knew it would be a challenge doing two drop offs and pickups, but we felt that it would be worth the sacrifice for Aubrey to be in such a great environment. We signed her up, paid tuition, bought uniforms and even went to orientation. We were so excited and ready to go! 

Well...the best laid plans are not always what God has in mind. Once the flood hit our city, we had to totally reevaluate things. We were devastated to learn that Victory took on about 5 feet of water and lost everything. It was just horrible. Christian and I had to really re-evaluate things with my mom being misplaced and flooded as well...because I rely so much on her to help me with transportation to and from school with the kids...not to mention mom taught piano there, so she was at the school almost everyday. Now things have totally taken a different turn. The school has yet to reopen and they are working hard to get T-buildings in place for the students. Also, my mom won't be back teaching piano there this year.  Christian and I made the decision that for this year, it would be best to just keep her and Weston together at Broadmoor. Aubrey will definitely go to Victory for kindergarten, it's just for this year things didn't work out. We know God has a plan for our children, and we trust that He guides us in making the right decisions for our kids. I know both Aubrey and Weston will do great this year and it will be fun to have them together one last year. 

Here's to a great year for my sweeties. My prayer is that they will be a light at their school and blossom both educationally and socially in their classes. I pray for Godly friends and influential teachers and staff as well.  

First day for Weston was not quite the happy day we had hoped for. Weston has had a hard time adjusting to his new schedule and school. He sure is cute though.  

Aubrey on the other hand was all smiles. Miss social butterfly couldn't wait to see her friends.

Love these two and are so thrilled for new beginnings! Plus I am enjoying having a little one on one time with my sweet Baylor Jace! 

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