Sunday, August 28, 2016

Baylor Jace-2 months old

This past month has seemed like a nightmare. I am still not able to fully comprehend the devastation that our city has seen with these floods. Our entire city has been is almost like a war zone. Driving through...all you see is mounds and mounds of people's belongings stacked stories high on the side of the road. Both of our parents lost is just heartbreaking. I will do a whole post of this horrific time in our lives, but I just can't seem to piece it together just quite yet. I'm still processing everything and trying to keep myself together.

For today, we celebrate the small things and one of those things is that our sweet Baylor Jace is 2 months old. I laugh because these past two months have been nothing short of hell, but having him around to snuggle...has truly been therapeutic. Looking into his precious, innocent face...helps me block out all the pain and devastation around me.

Baylor you are just pure sweetness. You are still the tiniest little thing and I can't believe you aren't even to the weight that your brother and sister were born at!  You weigh 5 pounds 11 ounces.

You absolutely hate the scream the entire time. You hate baths...again nothing but tears. Other than those two things, you are pretty laid back. You love to be held, you love to be swaddled, you love your rock and play as well as your mama-roo.  You do not like your swing or anything that moves.  You love to just chill on your quilt that Nana made you.

You are obsessed with your noonie and very rarely do not have it in your mouth. You eat every 3-3.5 hours by bottle that is breastmilk with a fortifier. I pump round the clock and let me say it is not fun. We have tried breastfeeding, but you are just not a fan. You eat at 9, 12, 4, 9, 1am and 5 am.  Daddy is such a huge helper with the 9 pm feeding as well as the 5 am feeding. He is a champ in my eyes for sure.

Baylor you absolutely adore your sister. It is the sweetest relationship ever. Aubrey is kinda a "rough around the edges" little girl, but her heart is nothing but tenderness and adoration towards you. She can calm you down in mere seconds and you will sit in her lap and just stare at her for the longest time. She is a huge help to me and I love the bond that you two share.

Baylor you still wear preemie outfits and some newborn outfits. You wear a newborn sized diaper. You also love for me to wear you in the Moby wrap.  I can put you in there and wear you for hours. You never make a peep.  Wearing you is one of my favorite things to do.

Baylor Jace we absolutely adore is beyond crazy right now, but having you with us makes things so much sweeter.  We love you little man.