Thursday, July 14, 2016

Notes from the NICU

I tried my best to document a little bit each day, just so we would remember the milestones and special occasions along this journey in the NICU.  My grammar is all over the place so please don't judge me for my writing skills!
Tuesday, June 21
Baylor Jace is born at 7:15 weighing 4 pounds 2 ounces via C-section.  Delivered by Dr. Lafranca and Dr. Guidry.  Mommy doesn't remember much because she was miserable from the meds! HAHA
Wednesday, June 22
Mommy's first day meeting Baylor. We didn't decide until this morning what his name would be. We tested out Jace Maddox or Baylor Jace and ultimately we went with Baylor. This was a favorite name of mine and we laughed because Dr. Lafranca said it fit because we had to "bail" him out at the last minute! On this day, mommy and daddy got to hold B for the first time!!
Thursday, June 23
This was one of the worst days of our lives. This particular morning, the doctor said Baylor was very sick and needed to test for bleeding on the brain as well as meningitis. Baylor had a spinal tap done on this day. Baylor also had a blood transfusion on this day. Brother and sister got to take a quick peak for the first time.
Friday, June 24
A second spinal tap was done but still came back inconclusive. Mommy was discharged from the hospital this day and left that evening around 7.  It was heartbreaking leaving my little guy but it was nice to get home to my other two loves.
Saturday, June 25
Day 5 in the nicu. Baylor wore his first shirt today! It was adorable. Nana, Papa, Papa D, Meme and my sissy visited today!
Sunday, June 26
Day 6 in the nicu. Baylor had a great day. We were able to kangaroo today for about an hour. Baylor's weight dropped from 4 pounds to 3.11.  His platelets dropped from 120 to 90 to now 60. We will continue to watch and monitor. Meme, Papa D, CC, Uncle Brandon and Jessica came by to visit.  Baylor is taking 11 cc's an hour on continuous feeds. He even pooped on mommy today!  Great day.




Monday, June 27
Day 7 in the nicu. Sweet boy made such progress today! He did drop his weight down to 3 pounds, 9 ounces but his platelets went up on his own today! He was taken completely off of oxygen today so he is tube free! He also was switched from continuous feeds to Bolus feeds. This will help prepare his body to eventually take bottles. Carrie and Meme came to visit today.
Tuesday, June 28
Day 8 in the nicu. Baylor Jace you are 1 week old today!! Mommy had a very emotional day today and cried multiple times! I cried because they wouldn't let me bring my robe in, and later when I was unable to dress him. Your weight dropped to 3 pounds 7 ounces, and you had to be put back on the high flow cannula for oxygen. You are tolerating the Bolus feedings but spreading each meal out over 45 minutes. You and I got to cuddle today for about an hour and a half in the rain. It was so sweet.

Wednesday, June 29
Day 9 in the nicu. Baylor had another good day, his weight went up to 3 pounds, 9 ounces! My sweet friend Corrie came to visit all the way from Texas and spent most of the day with me! We had such special conversation together and it was so awesome to visit one on one with each other. Other special visitors included daddy, Meme, Carrie and Aunt Candice. Our nurse was Ms Suzanne and we really grew to love her.
Thursday, June 30
Day 10 in the nicu. Bloodwork is looking good, still a few things need to improve but overall he is making progress. He is doing one bottle feed a day and tolerating it very well! Weight is up to 3 pounds 11 ounces. Mommy, daddy, Papa Steve, and Meme visited today.
Friday, July 1
Day 11 in the nicu. Baylor had another great day. He was able to let mommy give him a bottle but he tuckered out after just a few sucks! was pitiful. Weight was 3 pounds, 9 ounces, so down a lil but that's ok. Meme, CC, Papa Steve, Mrs Jan, Aunt CC, BB and David Easton visited today. Daddy came by this morning before work.
Saturday, July 2
Day 12 in the nicu. Aubrey and Weston came to visit Baylor today! Aubrey got to hold him and she didn't want to let him go!! Nana also got to hold him for the first time! Such special moments. Baylor's weight was 3.10 and he is working on two bottle feeds a day. They tried him off the oxygen again today and he couldn't do it. He kept going into the 80's so they put him back on.
Sunday, July 3
Day 13 in the nicu. Me and my sweet boy got to cuddle for about 2 hours this morning all alone and it was so glorious. Weight is 3.11 and we are still doing two bottles a day. No bloodwork or labs today, just testing and growing stronger. Nannie and Dani came to visit today.
Monday, July 4
Day 14 in the nicu. Baylor had an incredible day. He was moved out of his incubator and into a regular bed!!! He is going to a bottle every other feed and most incredibly...he and I got to nurse today!!!!! I really never thought that was possible but he did amazing! He latched on and never once got frustrated. He nursed for a full 20 minutes and never let go. I am in shock. All his bloodwork and lived functions came back normal! The doctor told us he could go home as soon as a week! Praise the Lord!!
Tuesday, July 5
Day 15 in the nicu, Baylor is continuing to make great progress in nursing! It is such an incredible bonding experience for me and him. Mommy, daddy, Aunt Casie, Meme, Uncle Brandon came to visit. Weight was 3 pounds 11 ounces.
Wednesday, July 6
Day 16 in the nicu. Weight is up to 3 pounds 15 ounces. Nana and Meme came to visit as well as mommy and daddy. Today we tried taking Baylor off oxygen completely!  He struggled a little but we were determine for him to push through. The faster he gets off oxygen, the quicker he can go home!
Thursday, July 7
Day 17 in the nicu. Today was a wonderful day! Found out our insurance deductible won't be as much as we thought.  God is with us even in the small things. So thankful our Baylor is getting the best possible care.
Friday, July 8
Day 18 in the nicu. One of my bestie's... Carrie spent the morning hanging out with me and Baylor. Such special moments and conversations have occurred in this hospital room.  I am so thankful for my precious friends and all the support they have given me. Carrie and I had such a blessed time together...she is truly been a rock for me through all these days.
Saturday, July 9
Day 19 in the nicu.  Baylor is up to 8 bottles a day and is doing his carseat test today!  Nana and Papa came to visit today. Papa D came as well and we spent about 2 hours together just talking and hanging out.  What a blessing!  Brother and Sister came today and boy are they noisy!  Both got to hold Baylor.  Doctors are talking discharge so we are anxiously awaiting that news!
Sunday, July 10
Day 20 in the nicu.  GOING HOME TODAY!  Sweet boy was discharged today.  His weight was 4 pounds and he barely fit in his carseat!  Praise the Lord for his mercies.  Can't believe this day has finally arrived.

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  1. Miracle Baby! Praying for you as you adjust to life as a mom of 3. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!!!! 💗💙💙