Saturday, July 30, 2016

Life Lately...three's a crowd

We are finally home and settled. Life is starting to form a routine and we are slowly getting the hang of adding a new member to the family. I have to say, Aubrey and Weston have been absolutely amazing with their new brother. There is not one hint of jealousy or anger towards him, but rather absolute love and adoration. They smother him with their love and attention and I am constantly telling them to get out of his face and give him some space! Aubrey has been a huge help to me and I am amazed at her natural ability to soothe and comfort Baylor. She has this little specific song she sings to him when he is crying, something about a seahorse she heard on Jake and the Neverland Pirates, but it cracks me up because every time he hears her sing that "aggravating, makes no sense" song from her, he immediately calms down and listens. She also insist on giving him his pacifier when he is upset because she can't bear to see him in distress. However, she doesn't just softly place it in his mouth but rather shoves it in.  Weston is also madly in love with Baylor, just in a more hands off approach...he constantly baby talks him, which I find hilarious, but isn't much for holding him. I laugh because Weston will say, "aw Bay so tiny" HAHA...he says that constantly!!  Overall they have welcomed Baylor with open arms and embraced his addition to our family like a charm. I am so proud of them and tell them constantly how great they are with him.

I laugh at this picture because Bre is shielding Baylor's eyes from the sun.  Haha!  She is such a protective big sis! 

She calls it "snuggle time with sissy" every single morning tradition.

Baylor is doing great, growing like a weed. At his last appointment, he was 4 pounds, 6 ounces. We had a cardiologist appointment this week as well and all looked good with his heart function and injection fracture. We go back this upcoming week for another check up and we have an appointment with the neurologist at some point in the coming weeks. Baylor is tiny, but he has no problem letting us know what he wants or needs. He is somewhat high maintenance and is not content unless he has a noonie and is swaddled tightly. He grunts constantly through the night which has earned him a trip out of our bedroom. I won't mention wear he is sleeping for fear of being labeled a horrible mom. (my master bedroom closet...hello I have to get some sleep to function)  Much to my dismay, the doctor has me waking, yes you heard me...waking Baylor up every three hours at night to feed him. Otherwise, I think he would sleep, but because we need to get those calories in him, this mama is making the sacrifice. 

Baylor is pretty typical in that he hates bathtime, car rides, tummy time and the car seat...really anything but someone's arms or a swaddle. Homeboy knows what he likes. Don't even get me started on red lights. I can't tell you how many yellow lights I have ran these past few weeks because Baylor screams bloody murder when the car stops. Oops there I go again shining the light on my terrible parenting. I laughed because the other day, Baylor dropped his pacifier on our home floor and I just blew it off and stuck it back in his mouth...with Aubrey, I would have sanitized and steamed the heck out that thing. Poor Baylor...third child syndrome is in full effect. 

Christian and I are adjusting pretty well, we have our moments where everyone is screaming or crying and we just look at each other and say, "let's pretend we are back in Jamaica and we have no kids!" That usually gets us laughing and then snaps us back into the reality that is our chaotic life. However we would not want it any other way. One night last week, Christian took the older two swimming and I was home alone for a few hours, and I honestly was bored! I missed my crazies and texted him to tell him to hurry home! 

We are sleep deprived, our house is a disaster, bottles are overflowing in every corner, there are dirty diapers on my floor, and spit up on my shirt, but life is so full of laughter, joy and tons of love. We are beyond blessed to be spending our days with these three crazies we call our kiddos. They are each so amazing in their own special ways. Adding Baylor to the mix just made it that much sweeter. 

Oh and as a final that I would request a standing ovation and a choir singing the hallelujah chorus...drum roll please...Weston Hayes is potty trained!  I had absolutely no hand in the training, but only by an incredible teacher at his summer camp can we say we have successfully made the transition from diapers to the throne!  We are beyond amazed that this is a reality and now we are working on not removing every single article of clothing and our shoes in order to potty...must be a boy thing. Holla!  Go Weston...keep it up big boy...well rather tuck it down!! HAHA!

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  1. Sounds like you are living the dream! That's what we say to each other during the hard moments! Way to go, Ashlee! Your babies- all three of them are precious. Enjoy the crazy because we both know this goes so fast!