Thursday, June 9, 2016

Swim, Swim, Swim!

I have been an avid, competitive swimmer since I turned 4 years old. Competing on a swim team and participating in competitive meets is one of my greatest memories as a child. To this day, I have a deep love for swimming. I have swam through all three of my pregnancy's...even up to the last month and each time I have said that swimming was my saving grace throughout pregnancy.  Not only do I love swimming myself, I absolutely just feel at home next to a pool. So it is no wonder that my kiddos have a deep love for swimming as well.  Aubrey is a fish and there is nothing that she loves more than to spend hours in the pool. She is actually quite good and I hope to get her on a team next year. Weston also loves the water and is not at all timid or afraid.  In fact, both of my children are a little too comfortable in the water and at such a young age that can be scary.

On Mother's Day, we had quite a scare at my brother's house. We had been swimming for a few hours and I got the kids out to eat lunch. I took Weston's puddle jumper off while he ate on the patio, not thinking he would need it at the table. Boy was I mistaken. Only by the grace of God did I look over into the pool...there was absolutely no splash, no sound, no panic...but I see Weston underneath the water. He apparently left the table, and in his mind, he thought he still had his floatie on and somehow slipped back into the water. I didn't notice anything, again, no noise or splash...he just went right under. Once I noticed him,  I started screaming and I flew as fast as I could into the pool. My brother saw what was happening and reached Weston about the same time. He was able to grab him and pull him up to safety. I am not for sure how long he was submerged but it was so fast and yet while running to him, it seemed like slow motion.  Thankfully, by God's goodness, Weston was not unconscious or harmed. He was a little shaken up but honestly he didn't really understand what had happened. I was shaken to the core. I have had Aubrey fall into the pool before, but nothing like could have been terrible and really we were just mere seconds away from disaster. I cried for the next two days because I was just so upset about the whole incident. You realize how quickly and easy a drowning can happen and it totally rocks your world.

Christian and I have decided that no matter what, if we are outside, swimming or not, eating or not...Weston will wear his puddle jumper. It is just too dangerous to assume he knows when we are done swimming or when we are taking a break to eat.

We also immediately enrolled both kiddos in private lessons at Crawfish Aquatics. I honestly hadn't planned on putting Weston in til next year, but I felt that it was a must. It is very pricey and a good little drive, but it is money and time well spent. We are also looking into getting my CPR certified just so I would be more prepared.

Weston did great with his lessons and he learned that if he falls in, to get to the side and yell "Help, Help". We have been really working with him on that as well as stressing to him that he should never go near a pool without mommy or daddy.  Aubrey has absolutely loved her lessons as well and she can pretty much swim an entire length of the pool unassisted! She is learning great techniques like how to breathe to the side, kick and stroke appropriately...she really  does so well.


I'm so proud of my little cuties and how far they have come with swimming. I am so thankful for great programs that teach my little guys techniques and safety measures that they can use to stay safe. I do firmly believe no one, not even the best of swimmers, is exempt from needing to be extra, extra careful in the pool. Things just happen so quickly. Keep those eyes on those babies, make them wear safety devises, teach them proper skills, help them develop a healthy fear of the water, learn what to do in case of an emergency and most importantly pray for protection each time they get near a pool!

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