Sunday, May 22, 2016

Last day of Pre-K4 (Young 4's)

My sweet Bre has come so, so far. She started out at BPECC in Toddler 2 class, at about 22 months old. She had a terrible time transitioning from staying with my moms to an actual school setting. She made it through the year and then went onto Toddler 3 class. The entire year, she refused to speak to the teachers or students. We really worried about if she had a social problem and feared that this could be the beginning of something deeper. Thankfully, towards the end of the year she began to whisper to her teachers and that was HUGE for her. She has never been shy, she just refused to speak for some reason. This year, she moved up to the preschool section of the school and my Bre has just blossomed like a butterfly. She talks to her teachers and has made a ton of precious friends (mostly boys!) Academically she has just flourished. I worried for a little while that she was not grasping the letter/number concepts, but with time and maturity she has mastered her school work. I am just so proud of how hard she has worked and how far she has come. She misses the deadline for kindergarten, so she will do one more year in Pre-K4, which I think will be a great thing for her. It will give her the chance to grow and develop even more and really shine in all she does. 

I am thrilled with her social and academic growth, but we are working really hard with her spiritual heart as well. We have struggled from day 1 with Bre being very strong willed and a challenge and we still battle that on a daily basis. I only say that because I don't want to paint a picture of all sunshine and roses with my children. I want to be real and honest. Raising children is very hard and Bre likes to keep us on our toes for sure. Aubrey would take a spanking almost everyday and not bat an just doesn't bother her. She will do what she intends to do, even if it means a punishment. I can totally see myself in her and I really want to teach her to overcome that need for power and control.  

Somethings that Christian and I are seeing success with are through much, much prayer. We pray over her, with her, and even encourage her to pray with us about herself! She has a tender heart when it comes to the Lord and she wants to do what is right in His we really try to focus her attention on that. Another great tool for Bre has been learning scripture. I have seen a huge difference in her heart when she is saturated with the Word. We listen to GT and the Halo Express in the car, it's a story and songs with only scripture, and although I am sick of listening to it, I do see a changed in her heart just from hearing the word again and again. Another thing that we have found helpful is staying calm and simply taking something of importance away from her. Getting angry, yelling or even spanking is not effective for her...but having to give up her Ipad for the day, go to bed early or even lose a dessert is a sure way to get her attention. She realizes that good things are reserved for good behavior. She cherishes a night where she gets to stay up late and hang with mom and dad...treats like that are a huge incentive to obey throughout the day. 

Aubrey is an amazing little girl and she has so much life and love in her little heart. I am beyond proud of how far she has come and I honestly can't wait to see the progress she will continue to make. I thank God everyday for giving me a little girl...a spunky...spitfire of a little girl but one that is all mine. 

So here is to you my Bre...continue to shine...continue to be a leader and not afraid to be different. Keep striving to please the Lord above all things and don't ever lose your radiant smile. Mommy and Daddy love you and we are so thankful for all you have taught us along the way! 

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