Sunday, April 17, 2016

Beach or Bust 2016!

We are starting an annual, Moots-only beach trip on a budget and this was year two.  We started planning this back in January and we were literally counting down the days. We made a huge poster and hung it in our kitchen of the countdown til the beach!  Last year we surprised the kids the morning we left, but this year we decided to really talk it up and get the kids excited. Weston really had no idea what the beach even was, but he told everyone we came in contact with that we were leaving for the beach in "four days" according to him. They were just so were we!

We planned to go a little earlier than usual because Christian only gets ever 8 weekends off, and we figured if we waited another 8 weeks, I'd be huge and pregnant and miserable. It was a little chilly but overall the kiddos had a blast.

Weston got his hair cut the day before we left and I just could have eaten him up.  He is such a cutie pie.

This was the morning we left. I took this same picture last year when we left and I hope to do it every year...sorta as a comparison shot. 

 Top one is last year and bottom is this year. They are growing up so fast. 

Day 1 was a success...spent about an hour prepping for the beach and about 15 minutes on the beach before the kids were tired of it and ready for the pool. My kiddos are not huge beach/sand fans and really just wanted to swim in the pool. We did manage to get them to make a few sand castles and bury each other. With all the prep work required to actually get down to the beach...I can honestly say I'd just prefer the pool myself.  The sand was cool to the touch and the wind was kinda blowing so that made it not so fun. The heated pool was calling their names! 

I didn't get many shots at the pool because we were so busy!  Bre is a busy body in the pool, and refuses to wear a floatie because she believes she is a better swimmer than that. HAHA! She really does great at swimming and is fearless. Keeping her from going out too far is my biggest challenge. We got her some diving rings and it was by far the best $5.00 I have spent. She spent hours throwing those things and then retrieving them. I was amazed at her skills! All Weston really wants to do is just jump in and then float around in his puddle jumper. He prefers the more relaxed approach! 

Day 2 was more of the same. Spend an hour getting ready...15 minutes at the beach before they start complaining! Snacks helped a little but by 10:30 they are screaming, "let's go to the pool"


I laugh at this picture because this is the best example of the struggle it takes to get all of your things down to the beach! HAHA!

We packed our days with beach and pool and then at night we tried to do fun things out on the town. One night we went crabbing and then a late night ice cream run. Another night we went to the hangout and ate dinner and played in their sand pit (eww). We also had fun going to a candy shop and let the kids pick any treat they wanted. They both chose chocolate covered Twinkies!

We did some more late night swimming with this cutie and then had to call it a night after someone pooped in his swim diaper.  We won't name names. 

We ended our trip with a visit to the Track. It was an amuzement/ride type place and the kiddos just ate it up. Aubrey got to ride the real go carts with daddy and she was in heaven!  I get no greater joy than seeing their faces light up with excitement and amazement. They are just so fun at this age. 

It was such a special few days. Nothing fancy, nothing expensive, just the four of us hanging out and enjoying one another. You can't put a price tag on that. Making memories with these cuties is what we love to do! Can't believe next year we will be bringing baby brother along with us! So fun!

Here's to a wonderful trip, full of amazing memories and wonderful moments.