Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spring and Easter!

We are in full Spring mode over here, despite a few cold days. I'm determined to keep the jackets and socks away and embrace all things warm weather related. We've been busy with lots of fun things and are just embracing these special moments.
Aubrey Lane has just blossomed this year at dance. She went from refusing to speak last year to being a leader in her class. I am so proud of her. She went through a few rough months this year of wanting to quit, but we really talked through it and she decided on her own to stick with it. I was thrilled with her choice as was she once she realized she would be getting TWO costumes for the recital! Haha!  Whatever motivates her.
This was her last year. She has grown so much and lost so much of that baby look. She melts my heart for sure.
Found these handsome fellows on my phone and couldn't help but smile. They are two peas in a pod and both make my heart pitter a little faster!
Weston has become Mr. Personality lately. He's always been a talker but lately he is realizing how to make people laugh and he is just hysterical. The things he comes up with! I went to get him from his crib the other day at nap and he had these glasses on. He very seriously told me that he needed to get some work done!!
We took the day with daddy and went to the museum. We were not impressed at all! There were like 8 different schools there and the place was packed. Not to mention there was not much to see or do. Very disappointed but we made the most of it anyway!
 Did a little Easter egg hunting and dyeing of eggs at Nana's! The kids had a blast!
This little chick just makes my day. I love her sweet smile and precious little heart.
This is her signature pose lately.
I bought two squirter toys at Wal-Mart for 96 cents and it was the best investment I've made all year. They had hours of fun with these things. They crack me up with their creativity.
Easter morning with my crew. We sure do miss Daddy on these special weekends, but we know soon school will be over and it will be worth it!!!
I love that we get to be with loved ones on Easter and spend time celebrating our Risen Savior. Without His sacrifice, we would have nothing to celebrate. We truly owe it all to Him.  Thank you Lord for the sacrifice You made so that we could live a life of freedom.

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