Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Love Weekend

Thanks to everyone for such sweet comments/texts on our last post. Things have definitely started looking better for our family and we have had a wonderful month so far. 

Valentine's week at our house was so filled with lots of love and laughter. We have had so much fun over the last few days and our love tanks are filled to the top! 

Our church had a Daddy/Daughter Dance and unfortunately it fell on a weekend that Christian was working. I asked my dad if he would take Bre and he quickly and graciously volunteered. I was kinda nervous about sending Bre, just not sure if she'd behave with Papa D, but it turned out to be a huge success! I don't know who had more fun, my dad or Aubrey. I remember my daddy taking me on dates so the fact that he got to go with Bre meant the world to me. I am so thankful Aubrey has such wonderful grandfathers. Papa D's and Papa's who will step in at any moment and be there for my girl. Not to mention Aubrey loves them both like crazy. Papa D said both he and Bre had a blast and danced the night away together.  I have no doubt that Aubrey will remember that night for a lifetime. Such special memories. 

Last weekend we spent a fun filled few days with our cousins. Christian was working and my brother and sister in law were out of town, so it was just MeMe, my nieces and us for three days packed with busyness. It was a blast. We started off the weekend with dinner and cookie decorating at our house. Weston ate an entire bowl of icing and Aubrey dumped half a jar of sprinkles on one cookie, but other than that it was a success. Saturday morning we went and saw Kung Fu Panda 3 at Movie Tavern, followed up by lunch at Canes. We ended the weekend with church and lunch.  It was so fun to be able to just relax and have fun with the kids. Cousins make the best friends for sure. 

We had well check ups for both Aubrey and Weston on Tuesday and let's just say I'll never do two check ups together again. It was overwhelming to say the least. Aubrey weighed 35 pounds and is in the 45th percentile for her weight and 50th percentile for her height.  Weston on the other hand was completely off the chart in the negatives for both his weight and height and the doctor recommended we immediately begin milkshakes and heavy cream become the majority of Weston's diet. He is just a tiny little guy but being in the negative percentile is not where we want him to be. Both kiddos got multiple shots and Aubrey completely freaked out. We had to have three nurses and myself hold her down. When we left, she proceeded to tell me, "I did pretty good at the shots, huh ma?" Um not quite my girl!  

These two were very concerned about each other throughout the whole appointment and it was so sweet to see the hand holding and comforting going on. Moral support from a sibling goes a long way.

Weather was great this week too so we had lots of park dates with our friends! 

Instead of going out to eat fancy this year, we went to a dinner at my brother and sis's house with a few other couples. It was FANCY to say the least. My brother is like a seasoned chef so the menu was elaborate and exquisite. I didn't care for the first few appetizers but the main dinner and dessert were awesome. We felt like royalty for sure. 

Saturday was the first weekend Christian has had off in 8 weeks so we savored our time together. We took the kids to the trails and beach by our house and they had an absolute blast. It was so much fun. 
My kiddos are true outdoor lovers so this was right up their alley. 

Saturday night we had Christian's sis and family over for spaghetti dinner and games and we had a great time just talking and hanging out. We are so blessed to have such amazing siblings that we consider our best friends. I didn't get any pictures of the night but it was memorable for sure!

Sunday we went to church and then my fabulous hubby fixed me a lunch of steaks, mac and cheese, bread, beans and cookie cake. He sure knows the way to my heart! 

Sunday evening Aubrey was invited to a little girls valentine's party and it was just precious. Such sweet memories. Weston tagged along and I'll be the first to admit, he stole my heart in his tie.

The whole week was just packed with fun memories and great moments. I'm so thankful my kiddos are surrounded by such love from so many friends and family. Thankful too that we had this week to celebrate the love we have for one another. We are blessed to say the least!

Happy Valentine's Day!