Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Top six in 2015

Well hello 2016. I can't believe the New Year is upon us and I am excited about a new year full of wonderful opportunities!  We are so excited about what is in store for us this year and are looking forward to seeing God move in powerful ways in our family. I love to look back over the previous year and see what we did throughout the year. Most years, I take it month by month and go over all of life's happenings, but this year I decided to do it a little differently.
I am gonna break it down to my top 6 events from 2015.
2015 was a great year for us. We did a whole lot of fun things and really spent a lot of time with family and friends. Making memories was kind of our theme for 2015 and we definitely lived up to that mantra.
Ok here we go.  Top 6 events/moments of 2015.
6.) A new decade. I turned 30 in January of this year and it was extremely difficult for me. Thirty seems so old to me and leaving my twenties was a real challenge for sure. I did celebrate in style though and that was a blast. Dinner at Stabs (my fav) and a craft night with my girls was just what I needed to get me through my depression over turning the big 30. Christian and I also took a weekend trip to Covington which was a huge deal for us. We haven't left the kids since...well ever. We had a blast just staying at a bed and breakfast and then eating out and seeing movies. It was a much needed weekend of relaxation and fun.
5.) Beach Trip- Moots Only. We took a spontaneous, three day trip to the beach with just us and it was a highlight for sure. We surprised the kids on the day we left and they thought it was the best thing ever. It was a first for us to take a trip without any other family. We had never done a trip alone with just us. It was so incredible to spend one on one time with just us at the beach. We stayed in a rinky dink hotel, and ate jambalaya every night, but that didn't matter one bit. We soaked up our kids and did nothing but have fun in the water. Don't get me wrong...we love taking trips with our extended families...but this one was just so intimate and special having just the 4 of us. It was absolutely one of my favorite trips ever. Simple yet packed with special moments.
4.) Grandpa- Losing my sweet grandpa this summer was definitely not a high point of the year but it was a memorable moment that I don't want to leave out. My grandfather was in his late 90's when he passed away but he lived an abundantly full life. He was always there for me and loved me unconditionally. He loved my sweet babies and took great delight in just having them around him. His funeral and burial ceremony was very special and I took great joy from spending that intimate time with family. Family that we don't see often, but spending that time crying, laughing and reminiscing was very good for our healing. I am so thankful for the memories with my grandparents and I look forward to one day reuniting with them in heaven.
3.) Christian decided it would be best for our family if he went back to school!  We talked long and hard about what was best and we both agreed this was important for his advancement and for the good of our family. We knew going into it, that it would be a difficult two years, but in the long run, it would be a huge blessing for us. Christian started in August and it honestly we have adjusted quite well. We have all made sacrifices but we do see a small light at the end of the tunnel. 
2.) Bye Bye Plant Work. Another huge, special moment in 2015 was my daddy retiring. This was something that we discussed and had heated debates about for much of the year. My daddy has always been the most hardworking person I know and this was a huge step for him. Leaving behind a secure job for retirement was not an easy decision for him. I think ultimately he chose to take his retirement for his family. I don't think he really wanted too, but he knew it was what we thought was best and were cheering for. We simply wanted him to slow and get to enjoy life with us. He missed so much, not to mention working long, hard hours was wearing on him. They threw him a retirement party at his plant, and I honestly thought it would be about 15 or 20 people, and when we walked in I was blown away to see probably over 100 people there to support my daddy. It was truly heartwarming. I loved listening to stories about him and getting to hear how much he influenced so many lives. It was just a blessing for sure. Those first few months were hard for him and me, cause I knew he missed his job and friends.  I hated seeing him struggle but I knew if he would just hang in there, he would grow to love it. I think if you were to ask him today, he would definitely say it was the right choice and that he is enjoying where he is at. Life looks different for my parents...but I believe it is much fuller and more fun for sure. I absolutely love getting to see and talk to my dad on a daily basis. Having him retire has been a wonderful milestone in my life for sure.
1.) Growing as a family. Last but not least, we were thrilled and shocked to learn in late October that our family would be growing by one more in 2016! We are beyond excited that a new addition will be joining our family and even though I am very overwhelmed at the thought of having three little ones, I am thrilled for the opportunity to have more laughter, more kisses and more love running through the walls of our home. God alone holds the blueprints for our family, and although it maybe a little earlier than we expected...we know it will be a blessing to us all.
So here's to a wonderful new year!  May God do great things through us for His glory in 2016!


  1. Congrats on Baby #3!!! You are a beautiful mom - do not worry about being 30. I would have never guessed it and I am really getting up there at 36. Ha! Oh well, age is just a number. Enjoy your family!!!

  2. Aw, congrats on Baby 3! :) You will do great! How exciting that your hubby went back to school!! And yay for taking vacation together. And happy birthday - you are going to rock the 30's. ;) Love you!