Saturday, September 19, 2015

Life Lately Fall Edition

How on earth is it almost October?  I seriously blinked and by golly 3/4's of the year passed me by.  We have had such simple, yet sweet days around our house and we are finally settling into a new normal for our family. Christian has started back to school to obtain his Nurse Practitioner's license and so our days have changed drastically from what they used to look like. He now works 3 twelve hour days on the weekend, what they call WOW, although I think it should be called BOO because it stinks...nothing exciting or glamorous about it. He then does school M-Thurs online and soon to be at clinicals. Our time with him is less now, but he is good about carving out family time and really making it count. It's been a rough transition for me, just because I am basically "on duty" by myself 7 days a week. I'm getting more used to it and the kiddos have been absolutely wonderful.  They are so adaptable and easy going. I really need to learn from them in that area! 
We decided daddy needed a "back to school/first day" picture. HAHA!
(side note: are Weston and Christian not twins minus the hair??)
Aubrey is in school on TTF mornings til noon and so it is just Weston and I for those few hours.  I have loved having one on one time with him, he is seriously the wittiest person on the planet.  Not to mention that he talks like he is 5...I sometimes find myself having conversations with him and then thinking, "wait...he is 20 months old...this is not normal".  Usually we drop Bre off at school and go run errands, go to the gym and our most favorite thing to do is hit up the library!  I find the library to be a sanctuary and for some reason it is super relaxing to me. I guess just the quietness makes me feel at ease. They have awesome children's areas at our local libraries and my kiddos absolutely love to go and spend hours on the computer or at the learning centers. Weston mostly enjoys taking every single book off the shelves and tossing them onto the floor.

Last week, I took Weston to his 18 mth check up and he was a hoot. I kept preparing him for the fact that he was going to get shots and he kept replying to me, "I be brave mommy".  He weighed in at 21.5 pounds (not even on the chart for his weight) and in the 30th percentile for height. (I can't remember his exact measurements.) He is a tiny little thing and the doc was slightly concerned that he had dropped off the charts in his weight. We are going to start him on some chocolate almond milk and see if that helps fatten him up a little. Talk about a great problem to have!

We had our first LSU game last weekend and my sweet girl rocked her new outfit. She has no idea what football is but she still loves to get dressed up in her purple and gold.
We also celebrated my sweet momma's 60th birthday!!! I can't believe she is 60, although she looks about 35! My dad set up a surprise dinner for her at Stab's and we had a wonderful evening celebrating her. My momma is my dearest friend and not a day goes by that we don't talk or see each other. I can text or call her at any moment and she will be there for me in a heartbeat. She loves my babies like her own and I adore seeing them together.  I seriously have the best family in the world...none other can compare. (although my family on C's side is just as amazing)
We have spent almost every Saturday this month at the park because this weather is just too fabulous.  Long mornings at the park means long naps in the afternoon.
Love my little sidekicks. They make each day brighter, more fun and full of love.
Looking forward to cooler weather which brings fires and smores, football, pumpkins, and more wonderful memories.


  1. Cuties!!! I cannot believe that Weston is 20 months old. WOW - time flies. Good Luck with your new schedule. I am right there with you taking care of my kids most of the time solo. Carl is traveling for 5 weeks in a row - yikes. We will survive!!!

  2. I just love your little family...almost as much as I love the Duggars! Haha! Just kidding, I love you more! And your babies, my goodness, are just beautiful!!!