Friday, May 8, 2015

Weston Hayes-16 months

Wowzers! I can't remember the last time I did a monthly post on my kiddos!  I am slacking for sure. I thought I really needed to document where my little guy is on his journey because he is growing up so fast! Before I know it, he will be starting school!

Weston Hayes you are 16 months...not far from being a year and a half. You are a tiny little thing and we get comments all the time on saying how small you are but it doesn't worry me one bit because I know you are strong and mighty in your own way. You are extremely good at standing up for yourself and making sure you get what is yours! HAHA!

You are also 100% all boy! You love balls more than anything in this world. If it is round...then in your eyes it is a ball. You adore all things sports and have a complete fit when we try and take away your ball, racket, bat, etc. I just love that you love to get dirty and be outdoors. There is not a day that goes by that I do not have to bleach your makes me laugh because I know there is not going to be any sharing of your clothes with friends and family...most items last about a month and then I have to toss it because you wear clothes out!!! You love your bike and anything that moves or has wheels. Again...all boy and I love it!

You also love throwing things in the toilet. Nothing...I repeat...Nothing is safe from being tossed in the commode by you. I don't know why you think it is so much fun, but it is your mission to dispose of every valuable item we own!

You are saying so many words and communicating with you is becoming very easy. You are extremely smart and have a wonderful vocabulary. I think that being the 2nd child and having a sibling around that talks (24/7) has made a huge difference in how quickly and frequently you speak. I know exactly what you want and you do a great job of letting me know your wishes. Your favorite words are Aubrey, sissy, daddy, Lexie, ball, tball, cookie, French fry, and rock rock.

You are such a sweet and loving little guy. You are a mama's boy and nothing melts my heart more than rocking you to sleep each night. You will not go to sleep without a little rocking and snuggle time. You love to sing "This Little Light of Mine" at night and you die laughing when we tell sing "don't let satan blow it out" and you blow as hard as you can!  You have the best little sense of humor and keep us and yourself laughing!

You have officially stopped nursing as of this month...except for the occasional nurse before bed. The moment I stopped letting you nurse during the started sleeping through the night. I guess I should have tried that about 15 months ago! But in all honesty...I wouldn't change those nightly feedings for anything in this world. Those moments together at 3:00 in the morning meant so much to me and that is probably why I was so hesitant to give them up. 16 months of getting up one to two times a night just feels like normal...sleeping all night is foreign to me!

You are a pretty good love hot dogs, bananas and cookies. You are more worried about drinks right now for some reason. You love getting a juice box or cup of ice and taking it outside by yourself. I have learned that giving you a cup of Sonic ice will guarantee me at least 30 minutes of busy time for you! We have discovered that you are very allergic to cows milk and have made the switch to Almond milk, which you tolerate, but don't love. (Aubrey calls it Amish

Your hair is a show stopper and not a day goes by that people don't comment or stop and say how beautiful you are. We have made more friends with strangers just through conversation with your hair. For some reason, red hair makes people come out of their shell and want to talk! I love it!

You are definitely showing signs of some temper tantrums and I hate to admit but you have gotten a few spankings just in the last few weeks. You know exactly what you want and when you don't get ain't pretty. I'm hoping that you are not as strong willed as your sister...I don't think I can handle two at a time!

You are in love with your family. You adore your sissy and she feels the same way about you. Aubrey will cry if for a moment she thinks you will be separated from her for any length of time. She refuses to let you spend the night away from her and it is just the sweetest thing. You love your daddy like crazy. You also adore your Papa D. You have taken such a liking to Papa D and when he is around...that is who you want. You crack us up because you will say his name about 100 times even if he is 5 feet away from you. You say "Paw Paw" instead of Papa D and it is the cutest thing I have ever heard. I think Papa D eats it up!! 

We absolutely adore you Weston Hayes and nothing in life could have prepared me for the crazy amount of love I have for you. You are my "angel boy" and I absolutely LOVE doing life with you.

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