Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mother's Day and May Fun!

I absolutely love the month of May. It is by far my favorite month of the year. Not too hot yet, but still warm enough for summer activities. C has started a new schedule at work called WOW. It's where he works every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. He is home during the week so we make the most of our days together. We recently bought bikes for us and a carrier for the kiddos. We went down to LSU and rode by the levee. It was so much fun. We stopped at the fountains and let Bre and Weston play. I thought it would be fun to show Aubrey how to run through the fountains and I didn't quite think my process through. I ended up slipping and busting my tail. I was so embarrassed. I also felt like I broke a hip and was in pain for about 2 weeks!! 
(Notice in almost all of these photos, Weston's fingers are in his mouth!)
We also celebrated Mother's Day. I am probably without a doubt the most blessed girl when it comes to mothers. God choose from the cream of the crop when he picked my mom and mother in law. My mom is my best friend and companion. Not a day goes by that we don't talk on more than one occasion. She loves my kiddos like crazy and is always available to help me when I need her. She loves me even when I'm cranky and she sometimes lets me just have a temper tantrum and doesn't even judge me! She loves the Lord above all and has taught me to put Him first. She doesn't just teach it...she lives it!  She is a heck of a caregiver, an amazing teacher and a wonderful Meme. She's a terrible driver, can't remember names to save her life and she stinks at recalling our childhood but I'd say those are the only things I can find wrong with her. She's a gem and I'm so honored to call her mom.
God didn't just bless me once, but He blessed me twice with my mother in love. My mother in love is such an amazing blessing to me. She is always there if I need her, she loves my babies like they are her own, and she is a fabulous cook. I love that she also goes out of her way to make foods/desserts she knows we love and she is good about always sending over soups or dinners she's made. She can sew like no one I know! She has made half of Aubrey's wardrobe and is always willing to try new patterns and designs! I love that she is a Godly woman and her testimony is lived out through her amazing children. She has raised three incredible, Godly children and all of them love her like crazy. I'm just so honored she is now mine too! 
Being a momma to my two crazies is by far my greatest job and accomplishment. They keep me on my toes and on my knees. Not a day goes by that I don't laugh out loud at the silly things they do. Aubrey and Weston have fulfilled in me a lifelong dream and longing to be a mom. I'll forever cherish every moment I have with them. I thank God every single day that I was chosen to be there momma and I pray I can train them up to do mighty things for this world. 
Oh and to top off our May, it was Bre's last day of pre-k 3!! My girl is growing up so much and we have seen huge growth and development for her this year. She's grown leaps and bounds and really come out of her little shell. I'm pumped about a fabulous summer and can't wait to spend our days by the pool! 
 First and Last day of School!!
Happy Mother's Day and happy summer!!! 

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