Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter time is such a precious time of new life and fresh beginnings. I absolutely love Spring time and all that comes with the warmer weather. It's not too hot, not too cold. Lots of fun activities, picnics, bbq's, ice cream dates and the list goes on. I always look forward to Easter because it is such a sweet time to celebrate the real meaning of new life and God's blessings.
I tried my best to just enjoy the holiday and not try and be the "pinterest mom" and overdue it. I didn't do big baskets, instead we went on a playdate to Pretend and Play for the day and to lunch after. We didn't do a big Easter egg hunt at the church because Christian was working and it was too much for me to do by myself. Instead we had a small egg hunt at the park with just the four of us a few days before Easter. I didn't even take Bre to her class party at school because it was on a day she didn't go to school and at someone's house I didn't know...so we just skipped it and played in the backyard.  I didn't stress about coordinating outfits or trying to find the perfect dress...we really just played the entire weekend low key and it was so nice.
 I think sometimes as moms we think we have to do it all or live up to some high standard when it comes to holidays and it totally just ruins the magic of the moments. I am finding that low key and easy going are so much more fun for everyone and I can actually enjoy my kids and not stress myself out.  I did really want to dye eggs and so I made a huge deal out of it and really talked it up, and it turned out to be a HUGE mess and a disaster of dye and paint. It was fun for all of about 2 minutes...then it was just chaos.  I am learning that sometimes the best laid plans for traditions are just not practical with a one year old and a three year old. There will be a time when traditions are fun and exciting, but for this season...it isn't a necessity. Relieving myself of that pressure makes things so much more enjoyable.
We did have a blast spending time with family and enjoying a good bbq, a park picnic and a special Good Friday service at church. I really tried to teach Aubrey the meaning behind Easter and focus our attention on the cross instead of eggs, bunnies and candy. I wasn't entirely successful, but I had to laugh when she told me "Jesus died, was buried and then died again!" Close Bre...but not quite!  We will keep working on the correct version of the resurrection.
Here are a few pictures from our Spring Break week.
Fun at Pretend and Play!
Not so much fun when mommy says no playing in the dirt.
Enjoying some pool time and feeling like a king!
Can't keep this boy off of the table tops!
A little nail date with my princess!
Found a new Minnie dress on sale and had to have it!
Snacking with daddy
Picnic, park and egg hunt with my loves!

Easter 2015 
And because I can't help myself...a little Easter flashback. Time please slow down!!!
Above all...I am thankful to serve a RISEN Savior. A Savior who loved me enough to lay down the life of His one and only Son. I can't even begin to understand that sacrifice, but I am so thankful I can reap the benefits of the cross. Knowing eternal life awaits me is a comfort beyond words...this life is wonderful and amazing, yet I have faith and hope that eternity will be even more incredible.
Happy Easter!!

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