Sunday, March 8, 2015

Valentine's Day and Catch Up

Whew! Has it really been almost a month since I last posted? I am terrible! Things are just so busy, that when I get once ounce of free time, I am usually doing laundry, dishes, work or perhaps trying to catch up on my favorite show!
We have had lots of sickness this past month and I honestly am so over it. I used to be deathly terrified of throw up and vomiting, but I have been exposed to so much vomit over the last three is kinda just expected and normal in my world. I absolutely hate when my kiddos are sick and it is pitiful to watch them no matter how small the illness. I am praying and proclaiming health and wellness over these babies. Any suggestions on building their immune systems...please tell. We have tried everything from vitamins, to oils, to medicine and even to hibernation but nothing keeps them well!  Oh well...I guess it is just part of having toddlers.
We haven't had all depressing days...this past month has been filled with lots of special memories and fun times. Aubrey and Weston are at such fun ages, that doing anything is a blast. Crazy and chaotic...but a blast.
Valentine's Day was so much fun and incredibly special. Christian and I did a "date-in" and enjoyed a fabulous steak dinner, movie and even a small about wonderful. It was so special because on Valentine's Night, Christian took Aubrey Lane on a date...just the two of them. She was so excited and could hardly wait to get dressed up and go eat with her daddy. They went and got pizza and ice cream. She was all smiles....all night. This means so much to me because my daddy used to take me out on special dates as well. One time in particular, he put an ad in the local paper..asking me to dinner out with him. He rented a fancy mustang and picked me up for a night out on the town. I remember I had my hair done in special braids and wore a velvet dress. (I wasn't quite the fashionista I am today). Talk about melting a daughter's heart. I absolutely LOVE that my girl has a fabulous daddy just like I do and gets to experience being pampered and treasured by her father. Those are memories that she will cherish for a lifetime. I know I sure do.
This one is blurry but I just love the smile that she special.
We have taken several trips to the zoo and had a blast walking around enjoying the warm weather.
We also have enjoyed taking Bre to the LSU gymnastics meets on Friday nights with our Uncle D. She has a blast and the atmosphere is so electric and exciting. They are on fire this year and are actually ranked #2 in the country. Weston has fun too, but mostly he is just there for the popcorn.
We have had lots of lazy days at home, just enjoying the sunshine out in our backyard. I love nothing more than just exploring in our yard and letting the kids get dirty and worn out. Those are some of my favorite times with them. In fact, Aubrey spent half the day out in our ditch, in her rain boots and just her was priceless.

And lots of days at home, just playing and enjoying life. These are the best days of our lives!

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