Monday, December 29, 2014

Making More Memories Part II

Well the Christmas season is officially behind us and it honestly feels so nice to just slow down and relax a little. I feel like the past month has been "go-go-go-go." The days and nights were jam packed with parties, programs and get togethers. We wouldn't have it any other way, but it is nice to just have things calm down a bit and get back to normal.

These last few days have been filled with wonderful memories that I will cherish forever. Memories that I wish could be frozen in time and re-lived at any moment of my choosing. Such special times with my friends and family. I know I say it all the time, but I have the best friends and family in the world. We simply love hanging out with our family and enjoy talking and laughing for hours.

Ok enough with the mushy stuff...let's get down to some fun.

First up was Bre Bre's dance party. Oh what a hoot. There were 25 3 year old's and it was a scene to be seen! Aubrey performed what she has learned of her recital piece, (Love is an open door, of course) then they each gave out treat bags to each other. We went home with 25 bags of cookies, candy and treats. Most of it is rotting in my pantry as we speak. I honestly was overwhelmed this Christmas with class parties, I feel like everyone tries to go big and impressive with their treat bags and this just makes for unnecessary stress for the mommies...I mean, the kids could care less. Let's just give them a sucker or a piece of candy and call it a day. I seriously spent about 4-5 hours making over 40 treat bags and I was completely exhausted.

Anyway the party was a success and Bre had a blast. Dance has been life changing for her and she is making such great strides. She follows directions and is learning a ton. I have been soooo pleased with the studio and the teachers. They are amazing.

My cutie sporting her Christmas dress made by our extremely talented Nana.

Instead of my parents giving us big gifts, we usually just go out to eat to a really fancy restaurant without the kiddos. We had a magical evening with my parents and brother and sis. We went to Fleming's and enjoyed steaks and of course Mac and Cheese. Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures! We were having too much fun without the kiddos!
We exchanged presents with my side of the family (the kiddos) on Saturday before Christmas. We wore our pj's and enjoyed gumbo and potato salad. Yum.
We had a house full of wild kiddos and they had a blast opening presents and just playing together. These girls love each other like crazy and when they get together it is pure joy.

We are so blessed to have such an amazing MeMe and Papa D. They spoil these girls and Weston rotten and blessed us so much this Christmas season.
Christian's sister and brother in law were in town for the week from Texas and it was so fantastic to have them here. We absolutely LOVE when we get together and it feels like our family is complete when they are around. We miss them so much but savor the time when they are here.
The kiddo's made ginger bread cookies and had a blast getting sugar loaded.

Even Weston got in on the action thanks to Papa!

We have started a tradition where I make Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls on Christmas Eve to eat for Christmas morning. It is a true labor of love, but my family loves those ooey, gooey rolls and it fills the house with wonderful smells on Christmas Morning. Bre got in on the action and helped me sprinkle the cinnamon sugar.
And yes...homegirl is wearing a swim suit. I have to pick and choose my battles these days.

Christian had to work until 3 on Christmas Eve, so we waited for him to get off to go to my brother's annual Christmas Eve dinner. We usually go to our church's Christmas Eve service, but both kiddos were exhausted and I felt like naps were needed. I missed being at the service, but I did have the blessing of getting to watch it online.

My brother cooked a feast and it was so nice to just sit around and eat good food. No presents...which honestly makes for a more relaxing night. It is a great way to celebrate our Savior's birth...complete with a Happy Birthday Cake for Jesus.

My angel sweet. I could weep just looking at the innocence of their faces.

My little man rocking his red sweater!

I love these two Goobers!

Shout out to my hot hubby...he always says he never makes it onto my blog. I'm so busy photographing the kiddos' cuteness that I sometimes forget about the two of us!
Looking good, babe...Looking good!

And to make my night even more most favorite person in the world came to spend the evening with us! Uncle D! We are so blessed to have him in our lives and he makes everything more special. We also had a wonderful Christmas celebration with Uncle D the week before and it was just priceless. We love him so much!

Christmas morning was a whirl wind of wrapping paper, boxes and excitement. Both Bre and Weston received about 3 gifts and it was the perfect amount of presents to not overwhelm them. I think we will continue to keep presents to a minimum because honestly they enjoy what they received more when there isn't so much of it. Bre got a tablet, a Doc McStuffin's ambulance and a flashlight. Weston Hayes got a climbing toy, a ball and a tool set. Christian got a bow and arrow and I got a new chair for my den! We both got lots of little gifts too and tons of gift cards! Holla!


Christmas Day was spent relaxing and then that night we headed to Christian's Nannie's house for seafood gumbo and games. We had to dress up for a fun mystery game and it was hilarious to see everyone in their costumes! Christian actually won a prize for his Elf costume!
The night was a blast and we laughed and played games until the kids couldn't hang anymore! So many fun memories!
We concluded our Christmas fun by spending Saturday morning at Nana and Papa's for breakfast and our gift exchange. Nana and Papa went above and beyond in the gift department and we were blown away by their generosity! It was such a special day hanging out in our pj's and enjoying everyone's company. I love that Christian's side of the family can sit and talk and hangout for hours. It always seems like just minutes when we actually spend all day together! It is a blast.
Nana made the kids custom pj's and I have to say they were the cutest things ever!


It was such an amazing month. I can honestly say we had a month full of non stop fun and family. It was a Christmas to remember.
Most importantly, we are so thankful to have had the opportunity to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior. Without Him and His gifts to us...we would have nothing worth living for.
Merry Christmas!!!

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