Sunday, December 14, 2014

Making Memories

This Christmas season has been so much fun, we have tried extra hard to make special memories and just spend time with our family and friends. We have been super busy, but we have enjoyed these special moments.

Brace yourself for picture overload...

We started off the Christmas Season with a trip to Bass Pro to see the Jolly Ole' Man. Christian was at home battling the stomach bug, so it was just me and the kiddos along with our cousins. Aubrey tolerated Santa...only because she wanted a candy cane. Weston Hayes, on the other hand, was furious that I would hand him over to such a weird looking old man. Bless his heart...he was slightly traumatized and hysterical...but it sure does make for a cute picture!

My girl had a blast on the carousel. She is at the perfect age where she totally "gets" things, but is still young enough to need her mommy.

Meme got Aubrey these little Christmas Tappers and Aubrey just loves them. She will sit and push the button on them again and again.
Our family was in from Texas and we had a blast going to Zoo Lights. We had the bonus of seeing the Coke-a-Cola truck come in with Santa. It was truly magical.

Last weekend we went to our town's Christmas Parade and it was sooo much fun. Probably my favorite thing so far. It wasn't too cold, so it was perfect weather to play outside and catch some candy! Aubrey got an entire bag full of goodies and we saw tons of friends from the community.

This girl totally makes me smile. She is a mini more than just looks. I am so thankful for her sassy little butt!

We went to our friend Bryan's house to make gingerbread houses and the kiddos had a blast. They ate all the candy and were seen drinking the icing from the bags at times. Let's just say they were jumping off the walls. We attempted to go to lunch after this, but things went downhill in Cane's and we made a quick exit. I always feel like I need to leave a note apologizing for the mess and chaos that we leave behind!

I am so thankful for amazing friends. I am blessed to have one of my besties just minutes from my house. Not to mention that our kiddos are best of friends and the same age. We enjoy playdates at least once a week and it is such a blessing to me.
We took the kiddos to eat beignets at Coffee Call this weekend and boy oh boy were we the spectacle of the entire place. I think we could have put a hat down and gotten tips for all the enjoyment people got from watching our crew.
I don't know if Aubrey ate any of the beignets or not, but she sure did clean the table when it came to the powdered sugar. We may or may not have stripped the kids down once we got to the truck.

Aubrey's Nana let her borrow a little Christmas tree for her room and Aubrey has LOVED it. We have spent many evenings in her room singing, reading stories and just playing on the floor. It is totally the little things that make Christmas so special.
My little miracles are what makes Christmas so enchanting and full of wonder. I love to see the amazement and awe in their eyes.
This photo melts my heart.
Hope everyone is enjoying the Season! Remember that Christ is the reason we celebrate and He alone is the Giver of all good things!

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