Friday, November 28, 2014

Terrible Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  I know I have said it many times before, but Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday. Always has been...until this year. To say we had a rough Thanksgiving would be an understatement.

My sweet Aubrey Lane was hit by the stomach bug last Friday morning and it lingered for 72 hours. My Weston Hayes decided not to be outdone by his big sister and started vomiting on Monday. Just when we thought we were all in the hit Christian on Wednesday night. I finished our weekend from he** with the bug on Thursday. I have to say that 7 days of vomiting and diarrhea is one of my worst nightmares. I am extremely scared of vomiting and will do anything I can to stay away from anyone who has had the bug in the last month! I had to suck it up and be a momma on Friday, because Christian was working. I did my best to comfort my pitiful Bre...but I can honestly say it was one of the hardest things I have done lately!

On Wednesday afternoon, we went to my parents house for Thanksgiving lunch and everyone felt fine. We truly thought we were all out of the woods. Low and behold not an hour after getting home, Christian hit the throne. I took three Zophran that night...just knowing it was gonna hit me...and come Turkey hit with a vengeance. We shipped Bre off to my moms (thank you mom for being a lifesaver!) and Christian and I seriously slept the entire day. No turkey, no dressing, no pie...just crackers and Sprite for us.

As much as I joke about it being a terrible day...which it all honestly it was just what we needed to step back and really appreciate and be thankful for the days of health and wellness that we have 95% of the year. We are so incredibly blessed and I looked at my sweet family last night and just thanked our Good Lord for our rich abundance of blessings. We don't have to deal with a terminal illness, our children are healthy, we have amazing families and friends, wonderful jobs and the list goes on. Sometimes we need a terrible, bad awful day to remind us of just how incredibly blessed we really are.

This will definitely be a Thanksgiving that we will always that I will look back on and cherish just like all the other Thanksgiving days...because today and yesterday...we are so blessed...and so thankful.

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful, but if it wasn't...I hope you can still step back and see the good. Find the blessings that surround you and focus on those things. Life is good...even when it sucks. HAHA.

In other news...we redid our bedroom floors. The carpet was getting extremely dingy and dirty, not to mention it was killing my allergies. We decided to splurge and consider it our early Christmas present. My amazing hubby laid the floors himself (well with a few tiny helpers) and I think it turned out beautiful!


Monday, November 10, 2014

Blessed Chick Designs

So after talking with my dear friend Amy, and getting some advice, I decided to take the plunge and open an Etsy store. I only have a few of my designs on there right now, since I want to take some time and really add only my most cherished designs. I want this to be so much more than just a little side business...I want it to be a ministry. I feel like the Lord has had me walk through certain things so that I can minister to others, so some of these custom prints really speak to my heart.
Here are just a few that are featured on my site...
Miscarriage/Infant Loss Prints...nothing breaks my heart more than hearing someone has lost a baby. Since walking through this trial, I have such compassion and a heart for these momma's. I have found that remembering and keeping that baby's memory near to my heart is the best tool for healing.
Scripture verses...because there is nothing better to fill your home with than the Word of the Lord. These verses lift me up and bring me such encouragement.
Children's Characteristics...these have been such a huge hit, and such a powerful message to send to your children. My sis had me do these for every parent in her bible study to give to their children. Now each of my nieces has these hanging above their beds. Not only should we speak these good things into our children, but encourage them in how God made them.
Baby Birth Announcements...these are such fun gifts to print and frame for new momma's! There is something extra special about having these tiny tidbits preserved and posted in the nursery.
Louisiana Fun...because we all could use a little fun in our lives...
Showers and Birthdays...and a few birthday and shower invites thrown in as well. There are so many invites I have done...I could probably post 100 different themes...but these were a few of my favorites.
Since I only have about 5 readers...I'm offering a HUGE GIVEAWAY!! Check out my Etsy store and share with someone you know, then leave me a comment and let me know that you told someone about my Etsy shop...via word of mouth or social media and I'll send you a FREE digital print of any of these above that you like!!!!! You don't have to prove to me that you shared...I trust you!

Visit my sweet friend Amy's Etsy shop too for some adorable gifts...