Thursday, October 30, 2014


Life with a toddler and an infant is by far the hardest, messiest, most chaotic job in the world. It is also the funniest, craziest, most exciting job in the world. Not a day goes by that I don't lay my head down at night, exhausted and physically drained from the day.

Life with two under three is not in anyway shape or form glamorous or prestigious, but it is so full of laughter and fun.

I sometimes find myself staring at my situation, and I can do nothing but laugh...if I didn't laugh...I might cry. There are some days, if you were a fly on our wall, you would find all three of us (myself, Weston and Aubrey) crying or throwing a fit. Sometimes we just all have a meltdown moment and there is nothing we can do but let out the emotions.

I've learned that mommyhood is all about finding ways to make it work and learning to adapt and make it through each situation that is thrown my way...and boy have I been thrown some doozies!

I am finding myself doing things I said I would never do because, quiet frankly, I just have to do what I have to do to keep my sanity.

Sometimes...I bribe my 3 year old with suckers, candy or cookies just to get a moment of silence. I can't tell you how many times I have given Bre a sucker and asked her to quietly go to her playroom to enjoy her treat. I then enjoy 5 minutes of peace and quiet. Or perhaps I just cherish those minutes to use the restroom by myself.

Sometimes...I hear Weston in the dog bowl, splashing and having a grand ole' time, covering himself in horrible germs and nastiness and you know what I do...I sigh and let him continue because I can at least finish getting dinner on the table. I know the mess that awaits me will cost me more time, but for the immediate moment...he is occupied.

Sometimes...I let Aubrey pick out a costume in the store and wear it the entire time we are shopping. We walk through Target as Sophia or Rapunzel because honestly it is easier and more fun. Then we return the costume to the rack and go about our merry way.

Sometimes...I smell a poopy on Weston and purposefully chose to ignore it, because daddy will be home in 20 minutes and he needs to spend some quality time with his son. I'm always thinking of others first.

Sometimes...I give Aubrey my phone at 6:30 in the morning and tell her to watch something on Netflix because I just can't bring myself to open my eyes and get out of bed before 7:00 AM.

Sometimes...we eat chicken nuggets four days in a row and call it healthy because the bag says "all natural" even though we know better.

Sometimes...I see Weston dangerously playing on the dishwasher door, but I choose to let him have a ball because I have to make a phone call or return an email. Hey...that fork isn't's a learning toy!

Sometimes...I will tell Aubrey to forget washing her hands in the public restroom because it takes her forever and instead just give her a squirt of Purell. It is just as good, right?

Sometimes...when at the doctor's office, we utilize every instrument available to entertain ourselves and stay happy. Even if it means "borrowing" some of the doctor's gloves or tools. I just think of it as preparing Aubrey for a job in the medical field. Paging Dr. Moots.

Sometimes...I look at my babies and I could just cry. I love doing everyday life with them, even if it is stinky, messy and loud. I wouldn't have it any other way!!


Sunday, October 12, 2014

My big girl

Aubrey Lane, you are now 3 years old. I am wiping away tears as I type this just thinking of how amazing you are and how much you mean to us.

Not a day goes by that I don't laugh at your wittiness, stand in awe at your intelligence, or smile at your are absolutely one in a million.

I don't know how I got so lucky to be your mommy...but I thank the good Lord every single day for giving you to us.

This past year has been one of tremendous growth for you. You have come so far in a year, it is absolutely amazing. You went from being a dependent little toddler to an independent, sassy little girl. The things you come up with and say make me laugh so hard...nothing gets past you anymore and I have to be really careful what I say or do, because you are sooo smart and intuitive.

The other day, we were at Chick A Lay (as you call it) and you were very hyper and wild. We were headed home to take naps, so I didn't want you to get your usual ice cream cone and become even more wound up. I cleverly told you that the ice cream machine was broken (trying to avoid a meltdown) and we wouldn't be able to get one. As we were loading up in the parking lot, out walks a lady with a large ice cream cone and of course she walks right in front of you. You loudly proclaim, "mommy...the ice cream machine is fixed and working!" I felt terrible for being caught in my mommy fib and right then and there I knew there was no more trying to pull a fast one on you!

You are doing great in school and slowly...very slowly starting to communicate with your teachers. I think you have said a total of two words all year, but you are smiling, waving and enjoying yourself, so that is all that matters.

You started dance this fall and absolutely LOVE it. You love the tutu, the leotard, the ballet shoes, the tap shoes...everything! You don't participate much in the class and you look absolutely fearful during class, but when you leave, you seriously talk about dance the entire week...begging to go back!

You are completely potty trained! PRAISE THE LORD! You occasionally will get distracted and have an accident but I'd say 99% of the time you do awesome. You crack me up because when you use the restroom, you always ask me to leave so you can have "your primacy!!"

You are a very picky eater (except for all things junk and candy). Some healthy things you love include hummus, bananas, yogurts, cucumbers and apples. You take FOREVER to eat dinner and a lot of nights it is a fight to get you to eat. We have adapted the "three bite" rule and require you to eat at least three bites of everything on your plate. We are not big on requiring you to eat everything, but you must at least try everything.

You love all things Frozen and are really into Tangled right now. You love the part where Flynn finds a wanted poster of himself and screams, "They can't get my nose right!" You think that is just the funniest thing ever! You are totally into this stage of repeating numerous lines from movies throughout the day and it cracks me up and how much you can remember.

Your little heart is getting so much softer and sweeter (for a while there I was a little worried, HAHA!) You are developing a real sweet spirit and learning to consider others in all you do. You are more sensitive and melt down with just a stern fussing, where as used to, we could wear you out and you really didn't care. I love that you are learning scripture and doing your best to hide God's word in your heart. You can recite quite a few verses and really love to tell bible stories back to us that you have learned.

Aubrey Lane, you have a real zest for life and are so full of energy and fun. Not a day goes by that you won't say, "that's amazing" or "I'm so excited". I love that you love life and find such joy in the little things. You appreciate the small things like a few jelly beans or popcorn and a movie. You love to snuggle and give hugs and kisses and are becoming so affectionate and loving to mommy and daddy. Weston...not so much. We are working daily on training you to be sweet and kind to brother as that is something you are struggling with!

You love and adore your family. You love your Meme, Papa D, Nana and Papa. You are so comfortable around them and love going to their houses. You ask for Nana and Meme regularly and they spoil you rotten. You also have your Papa D and Papa wrapped around your little fingers.  You adore your cousins and they are all your best friends. You love your Uncle D and will lavish hugs on him when we see him.

Aubrey Lane I could go on for hours about the crazy-fun things you do and say...I honestly think you are just the funniest little thing ever. You are so incredibly smart and I don't think I'm being partial just because you are mine!

But beyond your wit, beauty and intelligence, the thing that makes me the most proud is your precious, sweet spirit. I know without a doubt you are gonna do amazing things for God and grow to be a Godly young girl. You are going to soar to great heights because you have a tender heart and love hard. You have amazed me so much this year baby girl, and I am beyond proud of the little girl you are becoming. You keep shining bright in this world and continue to make your mark on this big world. Always know that mommy and daddy love you more than anything and think you are just the most incredible gift we have ever been given.

May this next year be full of more great changes and growth for you. May you continue to find your voice and gain confidence in all you do. I pray that your spirit will continue to be molded and may your heart keep beating strongly for the Lord.

I love you my sweet girl!

Happy birthday!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

9 months old

Weston Hayes Moots you are 9 months old! I cannot believe my baby is just three months away from being 1 year old! WHY?? Why does time have to go by so fast? I seriously wish I could pause this time and just have him be this tiny for at least another year. He is just so much fun and so full of sweetness.

My little man is now crawling at record breaking speeds and into EVERYTHING! He loves the fireplace rocks, Lexie's water bowl, and he has just recently found the toilet.

Weston Hayes is still NOT sleeping through the night. We are up together at least once or twice every night. I try my best to snuggle extra close at night and savor those quiet moments together.

Weston, you still nurse every three hours and eat one good solid food. You aren't really interested in real food, even though we have tried many new things. You like yogurt, sweet potatoes and of course puffs.

You wear a size 3 diaper and can wear clothing anywhere from a 6-12 month in size. You wear a size 2 shoe, even though most days we just go shoeless.

You are such an easy going baby. You will hang with me, no matter what, and just chill on that hip. You can miss naps or feedings and you will usually never cry. You just love to people watch and as long as I am holding are good to go! You are a great shopper and I just love all the people who stop to comment on how beautiful you are! We cannot go to Wal-Mart without at least 10 older women making a fit about you. I have even had these older ladies reach in the buggy and grab you to hold. are just that cute!

You are still getting beat up by your big sissy and she has not mastered the art of sharing (at all). You are starting to get frustrated with her and you recently have started to fuss back or grab things from her. She will not be able to walk all over you for much longer!

You are babbling like crazy and you love to say "dada, momma, and ta-ta". Ta Ta is what we say when we don't want you to touch something, so you hear that quite often!

We also cut your hair for the first time in Texas and you did a great job. You look so handsome!

We love you like crazy Weston Hayes! You make us our family so bright and add so much sunshine to our lives.