Saturday, June 14, 2014

Woodville Weekend!

What could be better than a weekend in the woods at a gorgeous camp with my very best friends and family? Not much. Not much at all.
We had the opportunity to go on our annual bff trip to Woodville a few weekends ago and it was just what we needed. The beautiful outdoors, good food, lots of games, kids running around being kids and great add in the fact that I had my best friends and sweet little family...a true recipe for greatness.
The ride up there was not very fun...Weston Hayes has decided he hates the car and will scream the entire trip. He is such an easy baby 99% of the time, but in the car, he becomes Mr. Difficult. So 2 hours of screaming was not exactly my way to begin the trip, but what can you do?
We arrived to the gorgeous camp around dinner and enjoyed taking tours and letting the kids explore the grounds. We ate dinner and headed outside for smores on the fire. The kiddos ate about 500 marsh mellows each. After dinner and baths, the adults enjoyed a board game and just caught up on life.
The next day we headed out early on the mule (not a real one) and stopped by the horses for a visit. I always try to convince myself that I am not allergic to horses, but I really am. I paid for that visit for at least a week after. Oh was worth the memories.
After lunch and naps, we headed down to the lake for some canoeing and fishing. This is so much easier said than done with two kids.'s worth it for the memories. Christian took Bre fishing and I stayed on the pier with Weston Hayes. Catching up with my girls was just what I needed. We talked babies, plans for the future and reminisced about the past. Once Aubrey hit meltdown mode...we headed back up for dinner.
After dinner, we took a late evening mule ride and I have to say that was the best part of the trip for me. Sitting next to Christian and holding my babies close...I looked down to see Aubrey holding Weston's hand. She held on tight to his hand for the entire ride. I seriously started crying at the sweetness. Just knowing she loves him and that they will have a special bond...makes everything worth it.
Watching the sunset and riding through the woods was a moment I will cherish. I try so hard to hold those special moments in my thoughts...try to let them linger in my memory because they truly are what life is all about.
Sunday morning, we let the kids play and just enjoyed talking on the patio with my girls. Having my best friends together and getting to laugh, talk and catch up felt like a million bucks. I know I have said it before...but I have the best girl friends in the world. They are priceless to me.

And how's this for the best selfie ever???
We headed out around noon and much to our dismay...Weston decided to serenade us with his screams the entire way home. He is such a stinker.
Another Woodville Weekend in the books...but moments we will cherish forever.

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