Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hodge Podge Daily Life

Summer is here and things at our house are crazy busy! Life has been so great lately...we are loving the beautiful, warmer weather and I'm having a blast with my two crazy kiddos!
Life is fun and crazy all at the same time. I have to stop and laugh sometimes at the hecticness (my made up word) of it all!
I'm just gonna do a photo phone dump cause there is no organization to all these pictures...but I want to remember these fun times!
I'll try and explain each picture...but again...these are totally random things we've done in the last few weeks!
I took my sweet niece, Ciel, to the park and to lunch with us...I had a taste of what it would be like with 3. It was lots of fun, but I am not sure I am ready for a third just yet!

This little guy makes the cutest faces and keeps us laughing...he is such a silly boy!

We took a weekend trip to the beach on Mother's Day weekend and had the best time. The ride to Gulf Shores was terrible, but once we got there we had a blast.

I seriously didn't take any pictures of us on the beach...that is when you know you are having a great time, when you don't take a single picture!
This was on the way home from the beach. My big girl wore herself out!

Took Bre to a little play area in the she is bossing me around. That finger makes an appearance quite a bit. She loves to tell me what to do!

We did a little photo shoot with Emorie, for our Nana. Nana is the best seamstress around and we wanted to model some of the things she has made for the girls. Tell me these aren't the cutest dresses you have ever seen!!

We had a surprise 30th birthday for my besties...Corrie and Carrie. I got the added bonus of getting to see my other bestie, Kayce! We had a wonderful time celebrating and getting to hang out. The four of us have been best friends since college and our friendships have only gotten stronger through the years. I am beyond blessed to have such amazing women in my life...they are my rock when things get tough, my shoulders to cry on, and my buddies to laugh with. They truly make me a better person. The best part is they love me for me...and never make me feel weird or crazy...even if I am!
Aren't they beautiful!
This little bundle of energy tried out gymnastics and did a fantastic job! I am going to enroll her in weekly classes once we get done with swim lessons.
Aubrey has been taking swim lessons with her cousins and she is doing so great! She cries through some of it and then does fine through the rest. She is such a female! HAHA!
Here she is throwing a fit and trying to get away from the instructor. I promise she did better towards the end!
And last but not least to this random hubby and I went on a special date! He took me to a dance recital and then to dinner. It was so special!
Life is so great...trying to savor each minute of everyday with the ones I love.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

4 months old

Weston Hayes you are 4 stinking months old! My little are such a joy to my heart. I am so in love with you it isn't even funny. I wish time would just stay still for a few months and let me savor these sweet baby moments. Your smiles, your laughs, your coos...all melt my heart.
Quick update on your little life thus far!
Weston you are STILL not sleeping through the night. In fact, I'd say you have started doing worse than before. You were waking up just once, but now we are back to seeing each other at least twice during the night. I honestly don't mind are lots of fun to wake up to. You have been taking very nice naps...sometimes up to 3 hours at a time. You are not really on any kind of schedule, but we make it work.
You nurse every three hours during the day and are a fantastic eater. You are quick and get the job done within 10-15 minutes.
We went to the doctor yesterday and you weight 13.1 pounds. You are 11% for your weight and 19% for your height. You are bigger than your sissy, but are still pretty small.
You wear a size 3 diaper and size 6 month clothes. You have yet to wear shoes so I have no idea what size shoe you are in!
You have started to enjoy tummy time and your play mat. You struggle to play independently for any length of time, but we are working on it. You will tolerate your bouncy seat for a few minutes...enough to let me get a few things done. You are unsure of the bumbo but I'm sure in the next few weeks you will grow to love sitting up.
You absolutely love bath time...I have yet to see you get upset when in the tub. You are growing more and more fond of your sister. I catch you staring at her and watching her every move. You seem less afraid and skittish around her...I think you are realizing she is here to stay and can even be quite entertaining.
We love you so much Weston Hayes. You are the most precious gift from above. Can't wait to see what amazing things you will do with your little life!