Friday, March 28, 2014

A Day in the Life Of...

I like to do these posts periodically because I love to look back and see what our typical routine looked like.

Life right now is full of nursing, spit up, diapers (and more diapers), crying and fits but I wouldn't have it any other way and I know that in just a life and season will change. I'm trying my hardest to savor these moments with my babies because they will be gone and grown before I know it.
Note: These are random pictures throughout the week and not just one particular day!

Most days begin promptly at the awakening of Aubrey Lane. That ALWAYS happens at 7:15. Homegirl is like a human alarm clock. She will begin yelling for me to come get her out of her room, or she will knock on the door until someone opens it for her. Doesn't matter if she goes to bed at 7:45 pm or 10:45 pm...she will be awake at 7:15.

Weston Hayes on the other hand is a bit more unpredictable. He has by no means mastered the art of sleeping through the night and on most nights he is content to be up numerous times just to hang out. I'm not real fond of us hanging out at night and I've told him so, but he has yet to get the memo.

So depending on his night, some mornings he is up with Aubrey and sometimes he chooses to sleep in. Again...totally unpredictable, that boy.

I'll put a Curious George on for Aubrey and fix her a bowl of Oatmeal. She will sit in her high chair and drink her milk and eat while I attempt to eat breakfast myself, fix her lunch for school, load dishes in the dishwasher or what I've been doing lately...pleading with Weston to stop making mornings so miserable!

I'll usually let Bre keep watching tv while I sneak off and nurse Weston. Right now Weston is terrified of Aubrey and refuses to nurse if she is around. He fears for his life and rightly so because Aubrey is a terror! HAHA!

After feeding Weston, I'll lay both kiddos on the floor in the den and change diapers (yes...Bre is still embracing the diapers) and get them dressed for the day. I'll usually send Aubrey to her playroom to play and put Weston in his swing while I attempt to take a shower and make myself look presentable as well.

At 8:45 we are out the door to bring Aubrey to school. She goes two days a week from 9-3. Aubrey absolutely loves her school and asks to go everyday!

After I drop Bre off at carpool, I usually either run errands or head home to start work. I'm doing some marketing/accounting work for my brother's construction company and it is keeping me very busy. 

I feed Weston again at about 11 and without fail he blows out his diaper at that time. Thanks buddy!
After I feed him I usually grab a bite to eat and finish up any work that I might need to get done before it's time to get Bre. I'll also attempt to clean up the house from the morning. I always leave the house in the mornings looking like a tornado came through so I at least try to make it look presentable. I did break down and hire someone to come help me deep clean once a month. I just can't do it all and I just think I need a little help for the next few months in getting my house where it needs to be. Plus I don't want to waste my weekends that I could be spending with my family...on toilets and floors.
I feed Weston one more time around 2/2:30 and then pack up to go get Aubrey from school. I love picking Aubrey up and seeing what she is working on or peek in while she is playing. It's so fun to see her so independent and grown up!
On Fridays after school, I try and get a special treat for Bre. We stop and get an ice cream cone (not sure I thought that one through) or some candy...just something to start the weekend off right. I'm trying my hardest to make traditions with Aubrey and I think "Friday Treats" are something she will remember.
Once we get home, we try and do something fun together...either go for a walk, play outside, do an art project or playdough. Aubrey is always up for anything and embraces playtime full force!

4:30-5:30 is a hard time. Aubrey usually doesn't nap well at school and is somewhat cranky and I'm trying to get dinner together while entertaining her as well. Christian's schedule changes, so sometimes he is home at 3 and sometimes he is home at 8. If he gets home early, we are MUCH happier! On nights he gets home at 8:00, I usually rely on MeMe and Papa D to help. My parents are so amazing about picking up dinner for us or bringing left overs to our house when they know Christian is working. They will sometimes eat with us or invite us over to their house. They are true GODSENDS!! I'd never make it without their help.

We usually eat dinner around 5:30, after dinner I will feed Weston again and then I will throw Bre in the tub. Aubrey loves to play in the tub and I can get a good 30-45 minutes worth of things done while she plays in the bathtub. I get Aubrey out of the tub, dressed and then put Weston in the tub. Sweet boy loves to take baths and I love the smiles I get during his soak.

Around 7, I put a movie on for Bre in my room and we all sit on the bed and just relax. Lately we have been watching Frozen with Aubrey and she is in love with the music and dancing. She cracks us up as she sings "Let it Go" and tries to imitate Elsa.
Look at that face...she is in princess fantasy land! (so is Christian!)
I begin the bedtime process with Aubrey around 8:15 and that includes teeth brushed, stories, and she insists on chatting in bed for at least 10-15 minutes. She will say, "Let's talk about..." and then proceed to say something that she did that day or want to talk about who she saw. I sometimes will look at Aubrey and realize that she talks NON-STOP. I laugh because I really notice it at night when I'm exhausted... but my girl never shuts up!!! She is constantly giving me a rundown of what is going on or what she is about to do. Don't get me wrong...I adore our bedtime conversations more than anything but sometimes I wonder if she would even notice if I dozed off during one of our nightly talks.  I really think she would just keep talking.

After I put my chatterbox to bed, I feed Weston again and usually by then Christian is home. We will watch a show or just crash depending on the time and night. I try to be asleep by 9 at the latest because I know my son will be calling in just a few short hours for my attention!

Life with a newborn and a toddler is soooo crazy but I love every minute of it.

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  1. It is going to get so much easier! I remember when Henry used to be terrified of Evie. Now, they are best friends! Cute pictures. I never noticed Weston's red hair - so fun! Two precious kiddos.