Monday, February 3, 2014

Weston----One Month Old

Weston Hayes you are one month old. Things are starting to settle down and feel a little more normal. I will be the first to admit that life with two has kicked this momma's boo-tay! Weston you are easy peasy and a calm baby's your wild sister who is giving us a run for our money!

I knew life with a 2 year old and a newborn would be tough but I didn't really comprehend the logistics of doing everyday tasks. Going out in public is pretty much not happening right now because I can't do it with two! I know it will get better and things will soon become second nature...I promise Weston...we aren't always this crazy! (Hint: giving momma a few more hours of sleep will make a world of difference in my sanity)

I'm finally starting to get you on a schedule. The first 4 weeks, you pretty much slept all day and I knew there was no point in trying to force a schedule. You are so easy and I know once we get a good daily schedule down pat, you will thrive even more.

Here's a typical day at 5 weeks old

7:30 wake and feed
9:15 nap
11:00 feed and awake time

12:15 nap
2:00 feed and wake time

3:30 nap
5:15 feed and wake time

You usually snooze for about an hour, anywhere from 6-7. I wake you and we do bath time around 7.
We try and keep you up and active as much as possible in the evenings, but you are prone to getting fussy at night.

I usually put Aubrey down around 8:00 and that gives us time to spend with just you! I feed you around 8:15 and then we attempt to put you to sleep around 8:45. You wake up around 12:30 AM and again around 4:30 AM. It's not too terrible and I'm adjusting to the current sleep schedule as best as possible. Hoping you will start going longer stretches soon!

You are a great eater...getting really fast and efficient. You love to be held and rocked and aren't afraid to voice those wants and needs. You love your sissy and bless your heart have been stepped on and kicked too many times to remember. I promise...Aubrey will get the hang of this sissy things soon.

You are just the most precious little guy and I can often be found sneaking off to spend some one on one time with you. I LOVE rocking you and I threw all my baby-wise commitments out the window once I found out how much I enjoy to rocking your precious self to sleep.  You are just so cuddly and sweet.

Weston are the sweetest little guy in the world and this month has been so special getting to know and love you. Can't wait to see you grow and develop.  We love you Weston!!


  1. Don't worry - life with 2 gets easier! You will get the hang of it. Believe it or not, soon your kiddos will switch places and Weston will be the tough one and Aubree will be easy. Hard to imagine now but so true. Enjoy this precious time with your gorgeous baby boy!

  2. He's so precious! And already a month? I'm sorry sweet friend for not posting sooner- I only realized he arrived about a week ago. So happy for this little guy