Monday, February 17, 2014

Day O' Love

Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorite minor holidays, it's so nice to have a special day just for telling our loved one's how special they are to us and how much we love them. Plus it is a holiday that doesn't come with a lot of stress or to do items, but rather a day to just have fun and get lots of sweets!

My valentine went above and beyond this year and surprised me with tons of special little goodies that meant the world to me. I awoke to a sweet card and a box full of sour apple blow pops (my absolute favorite)! Later that afternoon, I was completely surprised to get a delivery of a cookie bouquet!  Christian knows the way to my heart is through cookies and he did not disappoint!

These may or may not already be gone!
Friday night we arranged to swap date nights with my brother, so we had my three precious nieces over for pizza, ice cream and movies!  It was complete chaos but oh so much fun. Christian and I decided right then and there that we would NOT be having 5 kids.

Don't boy was right there in the mix of girls...he held his own and wasn't phased by the mass of little girls.

Saturday night was Christian and I's turn for a date night and so we made our annual trip to Fleming's Steakhouse. It's our favorite special occasion night and it did not disappoint! Steaks, blue cheese wedge salad, mac and cheese and lots of great conversation and reminiscing made it a night to remember!
I love this dude more than anything! He is my best friend and I love doing life with him.

Oh and sweet Weston came with us to dinner and didn't make a peep! 
He is such a trooper!

 Overall it was a fabulous weekend! I love these guys so much and they totally have my heart!



  1. Ashlee - you look amazing!!!! Sweet pictures. I agree with you - 5 kids would not be in our plan either. I can barely handle two kids. Your cookie bouquet looks delicious. YUMMY! I love cookies.

  2. I love your blog