Saturday, February 1, 2014

5 must-haves for a newborn

Today I'm linking up with 5 on Friday and I am sharing my five must-haves for newborns. I also need a reason to post super cute pictures of Weston! HA!

So here we five absolute-must haves for a no particular order.

1.) Wub-a Nub
We were given a "WAN" by my sister for Aubrey because I complained that her noonie kept falling out at random times during the day and she would get angry and frustrated. Well my sis did not disappoint when she introduced the Wub a Nub to our family...and it has been a lifesaver ever since. They are just a simple noonie attached to a small stuffed animal. The stuffed animal weights the noonie enough to keep it in their mouth and even if it does fall out, the baby is more likely to be able to find it and put it back. It's also a lot easier to keep up with because if you drop a regular noonie...that thing will roll for days. Good luck getting those back if dropped out in public. Here's my sweet man with his Wub-a-Nub and as you can see he loves to cradle those hands around it...or in my opinion he's holding onto it for dear life because his sissy is near.



2.) Infant Gas Drops
This is a must have for those first few months of a newborn's life. Weston and Aubrey both dealt with gas issues and it's just not fun watching them squirm and writhe in  pain. Weston has definitely had it more and at night he is in constant pain. I give him these drops before every feeding and I really have noticed a difference. He is sleeping longer stretches at night (praise the Lord) and I think it's because he isn't so uncomfortable. I also put him on his belly to help relieve the tightness and he seems to like that.

3.) Moby Wrap
My cousin gave me this after Aubrey was past the stage of needing it and I really wish I had bought one for her newborn/infant stage. It is nothing but a really long piece of fabric but it is a lifesaver. It took me about half an hour to learn how to use it, but once I got the hang of it...I absolutely love it. I can put Weston in it and he will not make a peep for hours. Plus I have both hands available and ready to grab my busy two year old! I mean...hug my two year old! I will wear him when I'm out in public and it really helps keep nosy, touchy people away because he's almost hidden and out of reach. Plus he loves it because it's so much like being in the womb!

Please excuse my no makeup and pajamas but this is how we keep him happy even late at night!


4.) Boppy
I know some women say they never use the boppy, but I am a daily user of this bad boy. It is a must for me when nursing because I am not good with holding Weston without any prop or assistance. My arms just get too tired and he seems uncomfortable. I used it for 14 months when nursing Aubrey and it is still in perfect condition today for little man. I'm not ashamed to tote this pillow with me wherever I go. I also use it to prop Weston up just for lounging around. I also use it for when little cousins or sister wants to hold him.

This was too cute of Bre not to include. But notice the Boppy is never far from reach!


5.) Sleeper gowns
These were a hard sell to my husband...until a 3 in the morning diaper change woke Weston up for they are a must have in our house! These are semi girly and that is what turned my hubby away, but now that he sees the practicality...he's a firm believer. 

When you do a mid-night diaper change, the last thing you want to do is wake up baby by un-buttoning nine hundred buttons, not to mention the difficulty of snapping them back in the perfect order when you are sleep deprived and exhausted.

Enter the sleep gowns...just cover those little legs with the elastic gown to keep warm, but remove quickly for 3 am diaper changes. Weston never knows what hits him and bam...he's clean and ready to go back to bed! Trust me...all fashion worries go out the window when you are in desperate need of sleep. Oh and if they have the sleeve cuffs that turn inward to make little gloves...even better.

That my friends is my 5 must-haves for a newborn.