Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Aubrey has been so much fun this Christmas. She is really "getting" things this year and she has such a precious spirit to her.  Everything is amazing and fascinating in her eyes. She soaks up every activity that we do whether it be decorating the tree, making Gingerbread houses, wrapping presents, seeing lights/Santa's, singing Christmas carols, or even shopping...she just does it all with sheer joy and delight.

She's been OBSESSED with Frosty the Snowman this year. It all started at my brother's on Thanksgiving night. Her cousins had a frosty that she just took too and let's just say she didn't win any sharing awards that night with Frosty. We had to pry it away from her only with the promise that we would stop and get her her very own Frosty that night.

We kinda forgot it was Black Thursday. Drive up to Target to just run in and grab a Frosty...line wrapped around the building. Oops. Drive to Wal-Mart...packed beyond packed. So we settle for a Walgreens Frosty that sings and dances to a horribly annoying song...but hey...we fulfilled our promise and Bre was content.

She has now accumulated a Frosty book that we have read about 900 times as well as watched the movie about another 900 times. It's all about Frosty.

We feed Frosty and change Frosty's diaper and take him with us in the grocery story buggy and any other daily activity has involved Frosty lately. But's all good.

Not to mention we pray for Frosty every night. It usually goes something like this..."Aubrey, who do you want to pray for tonight?" Always first on the list, "Frosty...don't want him to melt".

Yes Lord, please watch over dear Frosty and don't let him melt.

We love you Frosty. Hoping and praying we can put you up come January 1st but I'm not holding my breath. I have a feeling Frosty will be in the pictures with us when we welcome new brother! HAHA.

See below...I feel like Frosty is a member of the family now.

Getting a little baby brother love her hand on my belly.

We had such a special treat a few nights ago when Santa visited my parents neighborhood. My dad called me and told me Santa was coming on a fire truck and to be at his house in an hour! We rushed and bundled up and headed over there.  I'd been feeling like a slacker mom for not taking Bre to sit on Santa's lap so this was a must.

We waited outside with Papa D and finally Santa came by in all his glory! Bre was very impressed! It was such a special moment!

We noticed driving into my parents house that there was a sign that said "photos with Santa". I was a little hesitant because when we drove up there were no cars in the driveway. I knocked on the door and low and behold...Mrs. Clause welcomed me in. This precious older couple dressed up and were taking free pictures of kids and Santa. I was almost in tears because I wanted so desperately to get a picture of Bre and Santa, but being 9 months pregnant has made it tough to fight the crowds this year.

There was no one else there and Bre was very apprehensive at first. But the sweet Santa took time with us and worked to warm Bre up. It was so priceless. We probably spent 30 minutes there and by the end of the time, Bre was asking for candy canes from Santa! What a special gift that couple gave to this hormonal momma!

We started off with momma but finally worked our way to a picture with just Santa!

Love this one...she's like "why are you continuing to get closer to me...I'm seeing what you are doing here buddy."

 And a sweet one all by herself! Love it!!! Not quite on his lap but I'll take it! 

 We didn't send out cards this year, just too busy and hectic but we did manage to take a few good pictures of Bre in front of the tree. 

And of course...Frosty must take one with us! 

 May this Christmas be filled with love, joy and happiness for you and your family. May we always keep Christ first in Christmas and remember that without His gift to us, we would have no reason to celebrate!

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