Sunday, November 17, 2013

31 weeks pregnant and Life with Bre

This pregnancy has gone by so quickly...I can't believe I'm already in the home stretch. Things will probably seem to fly by even faster now that the holidays are upon us. And if I have baby boy around the same time I had Aubrey...we very well could have us a Christmas baby!! 

How Far Along: I am 31 weeks pregnant...only 9 more weeks to go!! Can't believe I'm about to start going to the doctor every 2 and then 1 week!
Gender/Name: Baby boy! We still haven't decided on a name. We go back and forth between two first names and two middle names. I kinda want to wait and see him to decide, but that makes Christian nervous and he wants to know going in...we shall see!

Sickness/Feelings: Feeling great. I was having a few bad days mixed in with good days, but I cut out all diet coke and it has made a world of difference. I was only having one a day, but it was enough to be making me ache. I have no reflux like I did with Breezy so I really have no complaints.

Appetite/Weight Gain: Some days I feel like I could eat a horse and others I could take or leave food completely. So it varies from day to day. I eat frozen ravioli like it's going out of style and peanut butter granola bars are a must. I've definitely gained more with this pregnancy, I don't find that I am eating more, I think you just get bigger with the 2nd baby. I am still swimming laps twice a week so that has made me feel somewhat healthy!

Cravings: Just Ravioli and granola bars. I remember craving granola/cereal bars with Aubrey.

Movement: Baby boy is pretty laid back in there. He doesn't like it when I get up from bed too quickly and he tends to move a lot after meals but other than that...he's pretty calm.

Big Daddy and Bre: Daddy is starting to panic now that we are getting so close! Life with 2 is going to be crazy hectic for a while, but we are so blessed to have these babies and we wouldn't want to be anywhere but at this point in our lives. Bre kisses and talks to baby brother all the time. I know she will do great with him. I'm trying to savor each moment with Bre...I know when BB gets here, she will take a back seat for a few weeks and I just want to make sure she doesn't feel left out. She is the sweetest thing right now and I'm just eating her up.

Upcoming Events: Just counting down the weeks. I do have a little sprinkle coming up in December so I'm excited about that. Looking forward to the holidays with my family, hoping that will help pass the time away!
Shifting gears...
Life with Aubrey has been so fun lately. She is talking up a storm and can carry on conversations with you with ease. Her vocabulary is amazing and I sometimes wonder if I am talking to a 2 year old or a 12 year old!
She's doing great at her school and really learning a lot. She loves her teachers and has completely stopped crying at drop off. She is such a doll.
We've been trying to fit lots of fun things in because if you leave Bre at home all day, the house gets destroyed. So better to put all that energy into playgrounds, parks and the zoo!
Don't get me wrong, Bre is still in the terrible twos and has her moments but for the most part she's getting easier. We have a spanking spoon with us at all times and sometimes we use it multiple times in a day and then sometimes we go days without needing it. A lot depends on her sleeping. If she doesn't get a good out.
 Riding in the car has become a favorite thing of mine because she tells me to sing or asks me what sounds certain animals make. I love our car ride discussions!
 Shopping is another tough one with Bre. I have no idea why it took me so long to think of popcorn and a drink...but (insert Hallelujah chorus) it totally did the trick. She went 2 hours with me at Target and sat the entire time. She also put down that whole bag of popcorn. Hey...whatever works is my motto.
Looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas because I know Bre will be loads of fun and full of wonder. Hope everyone is having a great fall...can't believe December is almost upon us!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Oh Toodles! Somebody is Two!

We celebrated my sweet Bre with a small Minnie Mouse themed party at our house. I wanted to keep it really simple because I am finding that less is more these days! Aubrey has found a new love for all things Minnie so I thought it would be the perfect theme.

We have mostly family and a few close friends out for lunch on Saturday and although rain threatened us that morning, it turned out to be a glorious day.
My sis made the adorable cake and it tasted fabulous. My sis is amazing...steps in and helps in anyway possible and is as creative as they come. She just whipped up some Minnie chocolate chip cookies for favors...would have probably taken me three days to do. 

Aubrey had a blast playing with her friends and getting to just be the center of attention. She always gets shy when lots of people are around, but I know she was having a great time.

 FINALLY one of her smiling and actually looking like she was enjoying herself!
We had so many special friends there to make the day even more fun!


I found this adorable piƱata at Wally World where instead of beating it with a stick (how barbaric!) you just simply took turns pulling a string until one magically let the candy loose (much more lady like!)  It was a huge hit with the kids.

And of course blowing out candles and eating cake was a must!

Family shot...even though I am not a fan of my photos right's a must we get the three of us. Next bday party for Bre will be with brother!

I could cry just thinking how quickly these last two years have flown by and how incredibly special each day with Aubrey has been. She is the absolute joy of our lives and I am savoring each moment I have with her. They are only tiny for such a short period of time and I'm trying my hardest to kiss her a little longer, read a few extra stories, sing lots more songs and savor each hug and cuddle. I'm so thankful the Lord has blessed us with Aubrey Lane and I can't wait to see what the future holds for her little life.
Love you Bre Lane!
Happy Birthday!