Sunday, September 15, 2013

Beach Trip 2013

One of my favorite weeks out of the year is when we go to the beach with my family. It's such a time of relaxation, amazing food and lots of sun. It's also nice because we usually go during Labor Day, which gives me a much needed break from the stress of school starting back. Aubrey is at such a fun age, and she totally gets what we are doing. She actually gets excited and understands that something fun is coming up. I think more than anything she was excited to get to see her cousins.

 When these four divas get's nothing but fun. I love how it looks like Adlee has Aubrey in a headlock and Aubrey doesn't seem to mind a bit. She has a special sweet spot for Adlee.

My girl is in heaven. She just loves her cousins!  I have no idea what baby boy is gonna think about these four mother hens...he is in for a wild ride.
And of course we had to get donuts. These girls are spoiled rotten by Papa D when it comes to donuts so it's no surprise that they needed them while on the trip.

Although I must clarify...Aubrey doesn't actually eat the donut...she only eats the chocolate icing and sprinkles. Oh brother.

We had lots of fun hanging out by the pool, going on the lazy river, playing on the playground and visiting the beach. Aubrey isn't much of a fan of the fact she would through a fit if we made her get near the water. I think the noise was just too much for her. She kept saying, "Aubrey don't like the water."  Bless her little heart.

This is how we relax on the patio.
We always eat like kings when we go with my brother. He is an incredible chef and cooks some amazing dishes.
The girls' favorite dish was CC's chocolate chip cookie cake!  Notice Aubrey going in for round 2.
We loved hanging out with MeMe and Papa D. Poor Papa D didn't feel too good for a few days so it was a bummer, but we made the most of the times when he felt good!

And to top off our great vacation, we stopped off at the Shed on our way home. It's a pretty popular place for BBQ and even though it's literally just a shed, it had some great food. Bre just wanted Cheetos! HAHA!

We had a wonderful time at the beach and can't wait to bring baby brother back next year.

What a difference a year is crazy how quickly they grow up!

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