Saturday, August 17, 2013

18 Weeks Pregnant

I am 18 weeks pregnant today and I cannot believe how quickly time seems to be going by. I don't think it has really set in that I am actually going to be having another baby! I am so busy with work, Aubrey, chores, daily tasks and such that I have blinked and I'm almost half way through my pregnancy.

This pregnancy has been extremely easy, probably easier so far than with Aubrey. I don't have the heartburn/reflux that I did with Aubrey. I'm sure it will come, but I'm praising the Lord for each week that passes that I don't have to deal with that misery.

I'm gonna do a quick update just for my records...I know I was much better at updates with Aubrey but I just don't have the time! Ha!

How Far Along: 18 weeks pregnant

Gender/Name: It's a BOY!!!! (Gender reveal party pictures coming soon)

Sickness/Feelings: I have just recently started to feel like my normal self. I was uncomfortable after dinner each night and most nights I just had to lay down (which is not easy to do with a 1 1/2 year old). I haven't had any nausea (Praise the LORD) or morning sickness. No heartburn yet...I know it is coming.

Appetite/Weight Gain: Not too much of an extra appetite, I pretty much eat the same things I did before. I have gained about 5 pounds and I am noticing my belly getting bigger, quicker!

Cravings: I crave the same things I did with my first pregnancy: cucumbers, bread, macaroni and cheese, turkey wraps...nothing out of the ordinary. I do enjoy my chocolate chip cookies but that is nothing new for me!

Movement: I haven't really felt baby #2 move yet which surprises me. I am sure in the next week or two things will pick up. On the ultrasound, he was moving quite a bit, I just don't feel it yet.

Big Daddy and Bre: Both are very excited about baby #2. We are working really hard to incorporate baby into Aubrey's daily life. We pray over baby, talk about baby and let Aubrey pick out things for baby. I hope this transition for her will be an easy one. Aubrey loves to say "brother" and we hope to quickly come up with a name to help her bond with him.

Upcoming Events: 20 week ultrasound and gender confirmation!

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