Thursday, June 27, 2013

Arkansas Vacation 2013

We recently got back from an amazing trip to Arkansas. I have never been to Arkansas and I don't know much about the state but I kept telling Christian, "Maybe we will run into the Duggars!" That was the extent of my knowledge of all things Arkansas!
It wasn't a bad drive...about 8.5 hours. We stopped at a park and picnicked before finishing out the trip. Aubrey did great, she only napped in the car for about 45 minutes but thanks to Curious George and Thomas the Train...she didn't make a peep!
Love this..."Hi mom"!
We stayed in a lake house and it was just divine. The view was gorgeous and it was absolutely silent most of the time. It wasn't a huge lake, probably not any bigger than False River, but it was incredibly calm and quiet. I would imagine a lot of people choose to retire there. 
Our days were spent on the dock by the lake, in the pool, lounging on the patio, down at the creek, hiking, canoeing, boating and much more. We didn't have an agenda, we just did as we pleased! One of my favorite days was going to this little creek at a National Park. The water was only about ankle deep but Aubrey had a blast. She loved filling up her water bottle and then dumping it out onto the rocks. She could have stayed there all day.
Another highlight of the trip was playing dominos at night. My family isn't much for games, so I love that Christian's family is big on games. The adults stayed up late playing Mexican Dominoes and eating was priceless.
Another great thing about vacation...Aubrey Lane slept harder than she has ever slept before. 4 hour naps and sleeping in til 8:30...I wish it could last forever!
Making memories with my family is one of the best gifts this life has to offer. So thankful for each and every member of my family!

The sign of a great vacation...10 minutes after we headed home!


  1. i canNOT even believe how big aubrey is! she is looking so grown up!
    and i'm jealous that she sleeps so well on vacation - my girls are the opposite. it makes me dread going out of town just a little, because i know we will have lots of late nights/early mornings. :)

  2. Aubrey is the cutest. Looks like a super fun vacation! Relaxing, eating and sleeping are the key elements and you got that covered. Maybe Aubrey can teach Henry about sleeping late!