Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mother's Day and Life

We had a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend. Saturday evening we took my mom out to dinner at J Alexander's and then went to church as a family. Nothing means more to my mom than having her family with her at church.
My little sweetie gave me some very sweet gifts and I especially loved the new book I got by Harlan Coben, Six Years. I have already finished was that good.
 On Sunday morning we slept in and just hung out. We went to Las Palmas for lunch. I've been on a Mexican kick lately and cannot seem to get enough of it.
Can you tell Aubrey was ecstatic about chips and salsa too! She is totally my daughter...she loves her some cheese dip, chips, rice and chicken!
We enjoyed our afternoon together, Aubrey napped and I read! After nap we loaded up and went to my mother in laws for bbq dinner. We had a blast hanging out and playing with Emorie and the family.
This past week we have been outdoors nonstop. Aubrey is so busy and into everything so it's just safer for everyone if we are outside!
I adore this picture. She is bossing the ducks around...telling them where she thinks they should go. Isn't she just a doll!
 We occasionally play indoors and when we do, we play hard. So hard we forget to put our pants on! Baby doll must be time to get dressed, mom!
Aubrey loved this car at her cousin's house. She refused to get out for like 30 minutes! She knows she looks good!
Papa D brings donuts to all his grand babies when he works nights. Aubrey is in heaven savoring the goodness of this donut hole. She ate half a dozen by herself.
We went to the Brec indoor playground this weekend and Miss Priss was all about the train. She wasn't intimidated by the big kids around...SHE was going to drive the train.
Fake horsey's are just not as much fun as the real thing. She's really having a blast deep down.
 Aubrey loves getting into candles and digging out the wax. Notice her Indian paint on her face?!!
 My little angel is just so sweet. I'm so looking forward to spending the entire summer with her! It's going to be a blast!

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  1. She is getting so big! She is adorable as always! I love the picture where she is eating salsa.
    So glad you had a wonderful mother's day, you deserved it!
    Love ya,