Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter 2013

I love Easter. I love that Spring has arrived and Summer is near. I love crawfish boils, (although I hate crawfish), I love warmer weather, snowballs, and all the wonderful things that comes with April/May.
I also love that we have a time dedicated to remembering what the Lord has done for us. The sacrifice He made for us is so great that we will never really comprehend.  We are saved only because of His grace and love. Because He gave His life for me...I can live in freedom. I'm so thankful He died and rose we could live with Him forever.
We have had a packed week with Spring Break. Tons of playdates, shopping trips, and outside fun. Aubrey is loving this weather and would prefer to be outside 24/7.
I snapped a few pictures of her this morning and am amazed at how big she is getting. Trying to savor each memory with my sweetie. My sweet sis made her Easter basket...isn't is adorable? 
Oh how I love this little sweetie!
I was looking back at her pictures because I love to compare...this was her last Easter. She has grown so much. It makes me sad, but I also love this age.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend! Remember that HE is the reason we have something to celebrate.  HE is RISEN!


  1. LOVE all the pictures! She is so adorable! I also love her basket...too cute!

    Happy Easter to your beautiful family!

  2. That is one cute basket! Love it! Miss A has grown so much. It makes me sad too how quickly they grow. Happy Easter!

  3. Love the pics! Love her white dress w/ pink bow & shoes! Too cute! We really should get together one of these days, girl! :)

  4. love this! I always said I want my daughter growing up knowing Easter is about god not creepy bunnys and eggs

    new folllower :)