Saturday, March 2, 2013

A day in the life of...

I'm joining up with Kelly at Kelly's Korner for A Day in the Life of post.
Our day begins almost precisely at 6:55. I haven't had to set an alarm for over a year because Aubrey is like clockwork. I don't know how she does it...she like down to the minute! I usually lay her back down and can get another 20-25 minutes of sleep out of her. By 7:30 she is ready to go!
We do a sippy cup of milk and watch "George" as Aubrey likes to call it. I must say, I am a big fan of Curious George. He really makes me laugh out loud. I often find myself watching it while Bre has moved onto something else like a book or a toy.
At about 8:00 we head to the kitchen for breakfast. Bre usually has yogurt and a cereal bar or oatmeal. I'd say breakfast is her best meal so she usually pigs out! While Bre is in her highchair, I take that time to unload the dishwasher, make my lunch or do some laundry.
After breakfast, mommy takes a shower and gets dressed for the day. I then get Bre dressed and changed as well.
We will play for about an hour and a half...anything from puzzles, books, songs, balls, or babies. Aubrey is busy and will find a way to entertain herself with anything.
At 10:15, it's time for mommy to head to work. Bre is either dropped off with Nana or Meme or stays home with daddy.
Bre eats lunch around 11:30 and is down for her nap at noon. She will usually nap from noon til 2:45 or 3:00. After nap, it's snacktime! Bre will snack on raisins, crackers or fruit.
By 3:30 I'm back home and we usually head outside. Aubrey loves to ride her bike (especially in the street! Hello, Mrs. Dangerous!) and swing.
I will start dinner around 5:00 and Aubrey will entertain herself in the kitchen by destroying the pantry, taking all the dishes out of the dishwasher or perhaps moving all her toys into the oven's warming drawer.
My sis told me to give her a box of raw pasta, a bowl and a few measuring cups. This worked like a charm. Bre will play for a good 30-45 minutes on this activity.
We will eat by 5:30 or 6:00 and then head straight to the bathtub. Aubrey is terrified of the Jacuzzi jets in our tub. We call them bubbles and she will throw a fit if we try and turn them on. The other day we bought her some bubble bath and since she hates the word "bubbles" we have to call it "snow"! She loves the "snow"! She will play in the tub for hours if I'd let her.
By 6:30-7:00, mommy is usually exhausted and I will sometimes put a Baby Einstein video on or even another "George".
If daddy is working, he is home by 7:30 so we watch eagerly for him to pull up.
8:00 is bedtime for Bre and she goes straight to bed. She doesn't even want me to rock her...just put her right in her bed. I don't ever hear a peep from her until morning! My girl likes her sleep!
From 8:00-10:00, I work on design work, email clients or watch a Duck Dynasty with Christian. Lights are out for me at 10:00.
That's it folks...a day in the life of...Moots' Style.


  1. What is your job? I want it. Sounds perfect. You have a good sleeper at your house. We love Curious George too and call it Monkey George at our house!

  2. Yes, i agree, those are some awesome work hours! She is SO CUTE! And man! God, please grant me with a child that likes her sleep like Aubrey Moots! LOL!