Thursday, January 24, 2013

Swinging Superstar!

One of Aubrey's favorite pastimes is swinging. She isn't picky about the place of the swing...Nana's house, our house, the park...a swing is a swing. She absolutely loves swinging. Homegirl will swing for hours if I'd let her. She may or may not throw a royal fit when we have to go inside or leave.

Here is Aubrey at the park when she was just 5 months old...

And at the same park a year oh my...she doesn't even look like the same child! It's amazing what happens in one year!

Aubrey refused to look at's her new thing when it comes to me taking pictures.

Slildes are fun too. Aubrey loves to sit at the bottom of the slide and prevent others from coming down. She is such a mess!

 Again...she refuses to look at me! I hope this is not a sign of things to come! HAHA!

A few more sweet swing images...she just can't get enough!

Love this girl!

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  1. Sweet Girl! That comparison picture is so cool. You will have lots more to compare over the years.��