Thursday, January 24, 2013

Swinging Superstar!

One of Aubrey's favorite pastimes is swinging. She isn't picky about the place of the swing...Nana's house, our house, the park...a swing is a swing. She absolutely loves swinging. Homegirl will swing for hours if I'd let her. She may or may not throw a royal fit when we have to go inside or leave.

Here is Aubrey at the park when she was just 5 months old...

And at the same park a year oh my...she doesn't even look like the same child! It's amazing what happens in one year!

Aubrey refused to look at's her new thing when it comes to me taking pictures.

Slildes are fun too. Aubrey loves to sit at the bottom of the slide and prevent others from coming down. She is such a mess!

 Again...she refuses to look at me! I hope this is not a sign of things to come! HAHA!

A few more sweet swing images...she just can't get enough!

Love this girl!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Aubrey Update- 15 months

Aubrey Lane you are now 15 months! WOW! have got to slow down and quit growing up on me.

I felt like I needed to do a quick update on your growth and progress since I haven't done an update in a while.

You are absolutely hysterical. I sometimes think you have the sense of humor of a grown person. I wanted to document a few of the cute things you do because I don't ever want to forget!

  • You crack up laughing when you think it's so funny. I admit I laugh too, but I have a feeling I won't be laughing when you start doing this in public! You are your father's child!
  • You love to torture Lexie. Your favorite game is to grab Lexie's toy, dangle it in her face and then run as fast as you can. You seriously go into hysterics with torturing poor Lex. If Lex happens to get ahold of the toy, you either get mad and pull harder or laugh even harder!
  • You love bath time and if I even mention that I'm going to take a bath, you immediately head to the bathroom and start removing your clothes! You are also notorious for peeing in the tub...again you think it's hilarious!
  • You love music. When we get in the car and I put on a children's cd, you begin waving your hands, clapping and squealing. It's so cute!
  • You don't say many words yet only: dadda, cracker and cookie. Occasionally you will say Lexie and bye bye but you aren't much of a talker...of jibber all day long. You communicate mainly through signs and shaking your head. No is a head motion I see all day long.
  • Books are your absolute favorite thing. You will bring me books all day long. You grab a book, squeal all the way to me and demand that I sit and read it to you. You laugh with delight while I get us into position and begin reading. You'll clap after I'm done and then run and get another book. I absolutely love that you have a passion for reading! Heck...what could make a reading teacher happier?

  • You are a picky eater. Like mother like daughter! You have not wanted any type of meats lately...just pastas, rice, cereal bars, yogurts, and fruit! You will eat a whole can of mandarin oranges in one sitting. You love bananas, pears, strawberries and peaches. Of course you love crackers, chips, cookies, cake and teddy grahams.
  • You are not very affectionate and kisses from Aubrey are very rare! I ask for them all the time and you just shake your head "NO". HAHA! Now, if you see me give daddy a kiss, you will immediately give one to daddy. Jealous? Oh and of course Lexie gets kisses anytime she wants. It's just mommy that has to beg and plead for affection!
  • You are still very busy and a great independant player. You love your toys, especially Elmo and your playhouse. You will play in your playroom by yourself for at least 15-20 minutes, then come looking for me or dad to play. You are starting to understand pretend and grasp things like playing with a baby or pretend cooking. It's so fun!
  • For your basic stuff: you still take two naps a day. Each about an hour and a half. You go to bed around 8:30 and sleep until about 7:30. You are down to just ONE nursing...every morning. I just can't let it go! You wear a size 3 diaper and clothes range from a 9-18 month size.
You are a fiesty, independent, hilarious little girl and we love you more with each passing day! (Excuse her wild and out-of-control hair...I did actually cut cut I mean butcher... just hours after this picture...words of wisdom-leave hair cutting to the professionals!)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A year in review

2012 has been another great year for our family. A year filled with so much growth, laughter and fun. I do find myself struggling on a daily basis with the reminder that life is but a fleeting moment; here today and gone tomorrow. I find myself getting sad and depressed at how quickly life goes by. Each day I have to remind myself to savor each moment, each memory, each minute with my loved ones.

Even if time is's one heck of a ride!

I love reviewing my year and I'm so thankful I can blog and document our special times...what a blessing to be able to look back and see each month from the past year. If you don't blog...I encourage you too...even if you are the only person who ever sees's truly a priceless thing.

Ok we go!

January: In January I struggled greatly with having to go back to work and leave Aubrey. She was only 12 weeks old and my heart was so torn between leaving and working. In the end, after much prayer, God showed me that He still wanted me working part time and He kept closing the doors to me staying home. I now see that it was the right decision for my family and I absolutely love my job, coworkers and students so it's easy to find peace with having to be away for a few hours. Aubrey thrives with her Meme's and Nana's so that makes it easier.

February: In February, we dedicated Aubrey Lane to the Lord at our church. It was so special because we dedicated her alongside her cousin Ciel and then had a huge dinner after to celebrate the special occasion. Aubrey is so fortunate to have a special cousin just weeks apart! I hope and pray they have a special bond.
After a year of having our home on the market, we FINALLY got a purchase agreement on our home in February!  HOLLA! Selling a home is a pain in the rear and I don't plan on doing it again but it was so worth it!
Oh and in February, we had that crazy mishap with the police and my sweet niece Adlee.  Remember, someone from craigslist took her picture from my blog and posted harmful threats about her. The police showed up at my door and wanted to question us about her whereabouts. They then went to my brother's house just to verify that Adlee was indeed okay.  Scary stuff!
March: In March, we continued working through the sale of our home and began packing and dealing with major decisions as to where to go next.
Bre started solid foods and began to experience the joy of something besides milk!!
April: In April, we celebrated Aubrey's 1/2 year birthday and we also celebrated Easter with our family.

In April, we moved out of our home and into Nana and Papa's house. Selling our home was so bitter sweet for me because I purchased that home while I was still single and it had so many special memories for me. I met Christian in that home, we had our first kiss in that kitchen, we came home as a married couple to that home, it was Aubrey Lane's first many special milestones. I still miss it and think about the wonderful times we had in that garden home.

May: In May, I celebrated my first Mother's Day and was brought to tears with the realization of my responsibility as well as privilege of being a mom.  I was overwhelmed by the goodness and grace of God giving me an amazing, incredible mom as well as a mother in law who loves me as her own and is just precious to me. I've always appreciated my moms but my first Mother's Day brought new light to just how blessed I am.

We continued to live with our inlaws in May and were so fortunate to be able to save and recoup from the loss on our home. We enjoyed bunking with Nana and Papa and even brought Nana to tears when we left.

June: We FINALLY closed on our NEW house in June and are still shocked that we were able to get into such an amazing neighborhood and home. God is so faithful and we are constantly brought to our knees by His goodness.

July: In July, we relaxed and settled into our home.  We celebrated the Fourth of July with friends and family and just enjoyed some much needed downtime.

August: In August, Christian and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary and dined at our favorite restaurant Flemings! How hot is my hubby?

Aubrey and I also were a little obsessed with the summer Olympics and all it's excitement!

September: In September, I started back to work at Victory and we also took a much needed vacation right after Labor Day with my family.  We had a blast!  We ate like kings, relaxed by the pool and enjoyed late afternoon naps!

October: In October, we celebrated my angel's first birthday!  We kept it simple and sweet and had our closest family and friends over. It was such a special weekend. Aubrey loved her cake and more importantly all the attention!

November: In November, our nation had an election and I was brought to the realization that we desperately need to pray for the future of our country. Not that we didn't before...but seeing the direction of our nation, we are left with no choice but to cry out to Jesus for guidance!

We also lost my precious paw paw and were reminded once again that life is so short and we are not guaranteed tomorrow. We were so fortunate to get to spend special time with out of town relatives and family to remember his life.

We also celebrated Thanksgiving and took family photos!

December: In December,  we were busy with Christmas preparation and forming new traditions as well as keeping up with old ones! We had a fabulous Christmas...ate too much, laughed a ton and savored moments with family.

WHEW! What a year. We had a few bumps in the road this year but overall God's goodness and mercy was abundant and clear. We are beyond blessed and are so excited to see what the Lord has in store for us this year. Whatever comes our way...good or bad...we will trust Him and know He has great plans for us.

May you and your loved ones have a wonderful new year and may 2013 be your best ever!