Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Aubrey has been so much fun this Christmas. She is really "getting" things this year and she has such a precious spirit to her.  Everything is amazing and fascinating in her eyes. She soaks up every activity that we do whether it be decorating the tree, making Gingerbread houses, wrapping presents, seeing lights/Santa's, singing Christmas carols, or even shopping...she just does it all with sheer joy and delight.

She's been OBSESSED with Frosty the Snowman this year. It all started at my brother's on Thanksgiving night. Her cousins had a frosty that she just took too and let's just say she didn't win any sharing awards that night with Frosty. We had to pry it away from her only with the promise that we would stop and get her her very own Frosty that night.

We kinda forgot it was Black Thursday. Drive up to Target to just run in and grab a Frosty...line wrapped around the building. Oops. Drive to Wal-Mart...packed beyond packed. So we settle for a Walgreens Frosty that sings and dances to a horribly annoying song...but hey...we fulfilled our promise and Bre was content.

She has now accumulated a Frosty book that we have read about 900 times as well as watched the movie about another 900 times. It's all about Frosty.

We feed Frosty and change Frosty's diaper and take him with us in the grocery story buggy and any other daily activity has involved Frosty lately. But's all good.

Not to mention we pray for Frosty every night. It usually goes something like this..."Aubrey, who do you want to pray for tonight?" Always first on the list, "Frosty...don't want him to melt".

Yes Lord, please watch over dear Frosty and don't let him melt.

We love you Frosty. Hoping and praying we can put you up come January 1st but I'm not holding my breath. I have a feeling Frosty will be in the pictures with us when we welcome new brother! HAHA.

See below...I feel like Frosty is a member of the family now.

Getting a little baby brother love her hand on my belly.

We had such a special treat a few nights ago when Santa visited my parents neighborhood. My dad called me and told me Santa was coming on a fire truck and to be at his house in an hour! We rushed and bundled up and headed over there.  I'd been feeling like a slacker mom for not taking Bre to sit on Santa's lap so this was a must.

We waited outside with Papa D and finally Santa came by in all his glory! Bre was very impressed! It was such a special moment!

We noticed driving into my parents house that there was a sign that said "photos with Santa". I was a little hesitant because when we drove up there were no cars in the driveway. I knocked on the door and low and behold...Mrs. Clause welcomed me in. This precious older couple dressed up and were taking free pictures of kids and Santa. I was almost in tears because I wanted so desperately to get a picture of Bre and Santa, but being 9 months pregnant has made it tough to fight the crowds this year.

There was no one else there and Bre was very apprehensive at first. But the sweet Santa took time with us and worked to warm Bre up. It was so priceless. We probably spent 30 minutes there and by the end of the time, Bre was asking for candy canes from Santa! What a special gift that couple gave to this hormonal momma!

We started off with momma but finally worked our way to a picture with just Santa!

Love this one...she's like "why are you continuing to get closer to me...I'm seeing what you are doing here buddy."

 And a sweet one all by herself! Love it!!! Not quite on his lap but I'll take it! 

 We didn't send out cards this year, just too busy and hectic but we did manage to take a few good pictures of Bre in front of the tree. 

And of course...Frosty must take one with us! 

 May this Christmas be filled with love, joy and happiness for you and your family. May we always keep Christ first in Christmas and remember that without His gift to us, we would have no reason to celebrate!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Baby Sprinkle Lunch

My best friends wanted to throw me a shower but I really didn't have that many people to invite. I thought it would be more fun to do a lunch with just my close friends and family.
We had lunch at J Alexanders and it was just so intimate and special.
These are my best friends... (minus 1 who lives in Texas) Carrie and Kayce. We met in college and have been inseparable since. They are the best friends a girl could ask for and I am so blessed to have their love and support.
I was "sprinkled" with precious things for baby boy. It was so much fun opening up things for a weird actually!

Love this "lumber jack" looking polo for my man...he is gonna look so handsome!
If anyone knows me they know the way to my heart is through cookies, so instead of a big cake they ordered chocolate chip cookies from Ambrosia...yummy!!!!!
Can we all just take a moment and embrace the wonderfulness of these cookies...

And some petite fours for everyone else cause that whole box of cookies was for me!!!

Me and my precious sister and mother in law! I am so blessed with such amazing family who love me and baby boy.
Me and my sweet momma (who doesn't look a day over 30!) My other best friend!

It was a rainy, cold day so it meant so much to me to have these sweet gals show up for my lunch.  It was just the perfect celebration before baby boy arrives!!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Week

I've had the entire week off for Thanksgiving and it has been an absolute blast. I'm so thankful for this one on one time with Aubrey before baby Moots arrives. Aubrey has been absolutely hilarious and I can honestly say I love spending my days with her because she is so dang fun! Don't get me wrong...I savor ever minute of naptime...but she is a hoot to hang out with.
We have done so much baking this Thanksgiving and Aubrey has been right up in the mix...literally. She loves to make brownies and muffins, but actually she just likes to eat the batter.
Forget the spoon...go in for the dive.
HAHA! She's a mess!
We've been so blessed to have received hand-me-downs from various family members. I swear I haven't had to buy more than a few outfits for Aubrey up to this point. It is the biggest blessing. This Minnie costume was a treat for Ms. Priss.
We spent a lot of time this week playing with our toys and trying on various outfits!
 And even though it's been extremely cold and rainy, Aubrey has insisted on being outside. I swear this was at 8:00 in the morning. She loves to swing!
Having Daddy home has been a blast. Christian has switched from working 7a-7p to mostly 3a-3p which has been wonderful for our family (and my sanity). Having him home in the evenings is a huge help and I honestly think it has made a huge impact on Bre. Daddy's are so important and I'm so thankful Christian is willing to make that early morning sacrifice to be home with us in the evenings.
On Monday evening we went to my brother's house for our annual "friends" thanksgiving. It's a great time with just friends and everyone brings a side dish or dessert. My brother makes a turkey and a PRIME RIB! Holla!
On Wednesday we spent the day at Nana and Papa's with all our family. We had a fabulous lunch and just sat around for the entire day chatting and having fun. I love that Christian's family is so laid back and easy going, we literally just spend the day over there talking. It's different from my family cause we are usually done with each other after a few hours! HAHA! Just kidding.
On Thanksgiving morning, I felt terrible. All the rich food from Wednesday did my pregnant self in. Christian had to work until 3, so I was in bed watching Curious George with Bre most of the morning. My mom came over and visited me which helped pep me up and at least let me get a hot shower.
That afternoon, once Christian got off, we all met up at my brother's house for my family's Thanksgiving feast. It was just my family and it was so intimate and special. We had delicious food and enjoyed watching all the girls play. I love that Aubrey loves her cousins so much...she adores each and every one.
Aubrey and Ciel fight over toys like crazy but they really do love each other! Aubrey is going in for a kiss!
More sweet cousin love...
We ended our holiday week with a special dinner out with my family. My dad took us (minus all kids) to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and boy oh boy was it delicious. As if we all needed another big meal. We had so much fun just sitting around the table talking and eating mouth watering steaks! Talk about a great way to end our week!
Tomorrow is back to the daily grind, but we have so much to look forward too in the coming weeks!
Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was wonderful!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

31 weeks pregnant and Life with Bre

This pregnancy has gone by so quickly...I can't believe I'm already in the home stretch. Things will probably seem to fly by even faster now that the holidays are upon us. And if I have baby boy around the same time I had Aubrey...we very well could have us a Christmas baby!! 

How Far Along: I am 31 weeks pregnant...only 9 more weeks to go!! Can't believe I'm about to start going to the doctor every 2 and then 1 week!
Gender/Name: Baby boy! We still haven't decided on a name. We go back and forth between two first names and two middle names. I kinda want to wait and see him to decide, but that makes Christian nervous and he wants to know going in...we shall see!

Sickness/Feelings: Feeling great. I was having a few bad days mixed in with good days, but I cut out all diet coke and it has made a world of difference. I was only having one a day, but it was enough to be making me ache. I have no reflux like I did with Breezy so I really have no complaints.

Appetite/Weight Gain: Some days I feel like I could eat a horse and others I could take or leave food completely. So it varies from day to day. I eat frozen ravioli like it's going out of style and peanut butter granola bars are a must. I've definitely gained more with this pregnancy, I don't find that I am eating more, I think you just get bigger with the 2nd baby. I am still swimming laps twice a week so that has made me feel somewhat healthy!

Cravings: Just Ravioli and granola bars. I remember craving granola/cereal bars with Aubrey.

Movement: Baby boy is pretty laid back in there. He doesn't like it when I get up from bed too quickly and he tends to move a lot after meals but other than that...he's pretty calm.

Big Daddy and Bre: Daddy is starting to panic now that we are getting so close! Life with 2 is going to be crazy hectic for a while, but we are so blessed to have these babies and we wouldn't want to be anywhere but at this point in our lives. Bre kisses and talks to baby brother all the time. I know she will do great with him. I'm trying to savor each moment with Bre...I know when BB gets here, she will take a back seat for a few weeks and I just want to make sure she doesn't feel left out. She is the sweetest thing right now and I'm just eating her up.

Upcoming Events: Just counting down the weeks. I do have a little sprinkle coming up in December so I'm excited about that. Looking forward to the holidays with my family, hoping that will help pass the time away!
Shifting gears...
Life with Aubrey has been so fun lately. She is talking up a storm and can carry on conversations with you with ease. Her vocabulary is amazing and I sometimes wonder if I am talking to a 2 year old or a 12 year old!
She's doing great at her school and really learning a lot. She loves her teachers and has completely stopped crying at drop off. She is such a doll.
We've been trying to fit lots of fun things in because if you leave Bre at home all day, the house gets destroyed. So better to put all that energy into playgrounds, parks and the zoo!
Don't get me wrong, Bre is still in the terrible twos and has her moments but for the most part she's getting easier. We have a spanking spoon with us at all times and sometimes we use it multiple times in a day and then sometimes we go days without needing it. A lot depends on her sleeping. If she doesn't get a good out.
 Riding in the car has become a favorite thing of mine because she tells me to sing or asks me what sounds certain animals make. I love our car ride discussions!
 Shopping is another tough one with Bre. I have no idea why it took me so long to think of popcorn and a drink...but (insert Hallelujah chorus) it totally did the trick. She went 2 hours with me at Target and sat the entire time. She also put down that whole bag of popcorn. Hey...whatever works is my motto.
Looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas because I know Bre will be loads of fun and full of wonder. Hope everyone is having a great fall...can't believe December is almost upon us!