Sunday, December 23, 2012

Santa Baby...or not

We've begun a new tradition of going with our family to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa each year. Last year, Aubrey was just about 10 weeks old and she was picture perfect sitting up there on Santa's lap.
Aren't these some cuties?

This year was a little different...Miss Priss was not impressed at all by Santa, the reindeer, the carousel or anything Christmas related!
See this face...this was her expression for most of the night.

And again...she was perfecting the open mouth, scream at the top of her lungs look.  Pretty good if I may say so myself.
And not to disappoint...again.  She has talent my friends...real talent.
But low and behold just when we thought the night was a lost cause...a $16,000 toy is what Aubrey wanted! Holla!!
Now it's a party!
"Oh how I love Bass Pro" -Aubrey Lane

I guess we had a little fun after all!

Maybe next year if we could just get Santa to sit in the ATV we would be good to go!

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