Saturday, September 29, 2012

Busy, Busy Bre

Miss Priss is what I like to call "speedily destructive". I just know she is going to use her ability to destroy a room in zero seconds flat for something positive and day society will benefit from her talent. Home girl can open and fling out every item in a cabinet before I can run across the room.
Not to mention her fascination with toilet paper.  I have a feeling potty training Aubrey will be a breeze because she is so in love with toilet paper!
What is more fun than tearing a whole roll of toilet paper into 594,865 million pieces? Not much!
You know what is not fun...having to wait for mommy to heat up dinner...patience is overrated.
Sporting my LSU wear at favorite place! 

Aubrey Lane loves rocking chairs.  She loves to climb up in the chair and attempt to rock back and forth.  Seriously...she does this for long periods of time...just sits and rocks! I can't tell you how much I can get accomplished in the 15 minutes Aubrey Lane is rocking!

Rock on Breezy...rock on!

And if you thought toilet paper or rockers were should see this lawn mower walker!  It's a complete riot!
Cutting grass in my jammies!

 And a little more grass cutting after nap.
Get these dang shoes off my feet, Mom!

 I love to swing!

I love my mommy! (even if she does take forever to heat up my dinner and fusses when I try and pick apart the toilet paper)
Pondering my next destructive move...

Get outta my face with that camera mom!

Mommy loves her busy girl! Keep on destroying, rocking, tearing and walking Breezy!


  1. Oh my goodness. She is so cute! And you are hilarious. Love this!

  2. Cute! I promise the toilet paper phase will be over quickly. Good thing she is so adorable!